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At Essential Designs, Database design and development is one of the most important elements of any successful data-driven application. In order to dynamically populate information on a page based on user preference, information needs to be stored and called, which requires the team to build a logical data storage plan and infrastructure.

Our team of experienced developers can evaluate your existing database structure, or start from scratch to create new relational databases in order to manage your most important data. We are able to identify, correct and resolve complex design and relational database issues and build out new infrastructure adhering to industry standards.

The Essential Designs Advantage

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most widely used relational database management systems. It was created for the purpose of storing and retrieving data when requested by a software application, either locally or online.

Our team has extensive knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server database development to help you build a long term database solution for your business. We have experience with scalability and designing the right database structure for your growth needs.


Oracle Database Application Development

Oracle Database is an integrated platform which supports SQL, XML,Java, C++ etc with both scalability and performance. At Essential Designs our team has extensive experience building, testing and deploying interactive internet applications using Oracle database.

Oracle’s advantages include portability – supporting more than 100 hardware platforms and 20 networking protocols, performance, and multiple database management.


Postgres is an object-relational database management system with a focus on standards compliance. It primarily stores data using best practices methods, and retrieves data as requested. At Essential Designs we are skilled in Postgre database development and integration, and will help you choose the database platform that is right for your software application. Contact us today to set up your database consultation.


In Person Planning

We have offices in Calgary, Toronto & Vancouver. This can give both of us the benefits that only face to face meetings can provide: envisioning, exchanging ideas, and going over details. We will fully understand your goals and constraints.This ensures you get the application you need. We are not a group of overseas freelancers that are here today and gone tomorrow.

Essential Designs has been building custom mobile and
web based apps since 2008.

Native or Responsive, mobile or web based, Android or Apple, ASP or PHP – our coding team can create what you need. We focus on web based technologies and native mobile app coding languages.

Call us today! Often a quick discussion about what you envision, and what our expertise is can help us both understand whether working with Essential Designs is a good fit for both of us!