Development Process

At Essential Designs we employ an Agile Software Development methodology. One of the key principles of agile methodology is integrated testing throughout the development process, which enables our team to stay on track while putting the proper structure for a project in place, and ensures a high product quality on delivery.

Each project is unique, so our approach can vary based on the requirements and existing setup. But in general, our development process for new projects follows a systematic software development timeline in order to ensure the best results.

Project Scope

In order to estimate a project budget and timeline, it’s important for us to get a full understanding of exactly what features need to be implemented. Much like building a house, it’s important to plan the architecture and main features, and make sure all details are discussed in order to properly estimate the full scope of a new software project. You’ll meet with one of our lead technical sales staff in order to determine your needs, budget and project requirements. contact us to set up your consultation.

UI / UX Wireframing

User Interface / Experience is an important part of the process, as it facilitates the ease of use of your application. We can help you create the ideal flow of your application and the surrounding architecture to organize the information in an intuitive way, to help your Users get the most out of your software development project.  The final wireframe is reviewed by the client, to get a full understanding of what the application layout will be, prior to proceeding with the next phase of the project.

Graphic Design

Once the wireframing has been completed, the final design look of the application can be created with graphic design.  This phase will make the layout of the application come to life with the colour, images and links all being built.  With web based applications in this phase the client is able to ‘click’ each item and button of the application once finalized, only that the function of the application will not be built at this time, as that comes in the next stage.

Backend Code

This is the largest phase of the application development. At this stage of the project we take the clickable application design, and make all items functional. The database is developed, all items in the app are made to work as intended. We break each set of features up into Sprints, and work through all items until complete.

Agile / Milestone Development

At Essential Designs we code in ‘Sprints’. Each sprint release date is a part of one or more project Milestones, which allows us to stay on a very specific date track in order to achieve a finished project on time. Integrated bug testing occurs simultaneously with development by our team of QA specialists, Software Application Developers, and Project Managers in order to ensure the highest quality of deliverables.

Project Additions

Often a project will evolve in iterations; as your vision starts coming to life, new ideas, adjustments and improvements are a natural part of the development process. Once your project wireframe has been fully realized, we will work with you to include any additions you wish. We are here to help you through the process: give us a call at (604) 568-7800 or contact us to discuss your project.