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Mobile App Development

We develop mobile applications for iOS, Android and Blackberry.

The majority of businesses have at least considered the idea of creating a mobile app for their company in recent years. Mobile Applications allow you to drive new customers from a brand new demographic or market, and for some businesses they have become a new requirement to keep up with the competition. Whatever your scenario, we have the expertise to create an elegant solution that will be a fit for you in your industry. We are a leading Vancouver mobile developer
Our developers focus on native code app development and can handle everything from simple landing pages, GPS & cameras based apps to full mobile eCommerce deployments. If you are unsure of where or how a mobile app can benefit you, please contact us and we can provide a free recommendation if a mobile application is a smart fit for your business.


iPhone & iPad Application Development

We are premier mobile application developers for all iOS platforms. We have handled from the simple brochure application to advanced video manipulation and processing applications.

Whether to build a native mobile application or to build a responsive web application will always be part of the initial decision making, and we can help to have this conversation and decide on the correct path for you to travel. If that path leads to iPhone and iPad development we are experts in the area to get the job done correctly the first time.


Android & Tablet Application Development

We are Android developers for all of your Android application development needs. The Android platform has exploded in popularity, where businesses used to develop for iOS only and Android was the after-thought, Android has become required to develop in tandem and in some cases ahead of the iOS counterpart. It is a very versatile platform and has fewer limitations to its software development kit than iPhone applications.

You may also find that your concept is not physically possible to developer for iOS where it can be developed for Android. Android allows for low-level development of applications, access to file systems is no problem, access to SMS and call logs is also no problem. Discuss your project with one of our team members and we would be happy to make our recommendations on which path to travel.


Blackberry Application Development

Blackberry has taken a major fall in the world of mobile application development, but still has some distinct advantages in a number of areas. It has forever been the leader in security and encryption, which is still making many organizations (Government and Private) use it for its employees. If you application has this as a target market, Blackberry application development may be required for you.

One of the upsides of Blackberry development if you choose to pursue it, is that it is a much smaller application market when your product is complete. Smaller market makes for easier competition, so your application may stand out from the crowd much more than in the highly competitive iOS and Android market places. Our staff can discuss you project in detail to help make this decision with you.


Mobile Website Development

Mobile Website Development is the practice of taking a non-responsive web application or website and converting it into a responsive web application or website. What that means is your old software can be upgraded to incorporate the latest technologies of HTML5 and CSS3 to fit the ever expanding mobile market. Not only will this potentially widen the customer base that can view your application or website, but it is also much more search engine friendly.

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