ASP.Net Development

We are primarily specialists in ASP.NET, SQL Server and Microsoft development technologies. From large scale business management systems to eCommerce, our Vancouver ASP.NET development experts can tackle it all.

We find ASP.NET is ideal both from a customer and developer perspective. The style of coding greatly speeds up the development process, changes and fixes. This allows for lower costs to the client and as well faster turnarounds for the development team. ASP.NET standards are suited for any web based enterprise software application, but even a standard business website can take in the benefits of this solid framework. The language is safe and secure, and supported by senior web developers everywhere.
A large number of our projects are SaaS based and enabled with cloud hosting standards. This has our ASP.NET programmers work with Cloud hosting services such as Microsoft Azure (which is hosting of the Essential Designs website) or Amazon AWS Windows. If you are looking for a Vancouver .NET developer we are the leaders.

Advantages of Developing with ASP.NET

Lightweight Code

The amount of code required is reduced allowing for easier coding and quicker processing with large web applications.

High Speed Performance

Compiling of code increases the speed of access when compared with standard web based scripting.

In-Code Security

.NET has a built-in level of authentication that allows for easy security functions.

Quick Deployment and Maintenance

Easy error checking in the final stages of development allows quick deployment and bug fixing.

Wide Scale Use

There is wide access to knowledge on the platform which allows for fast problem solving, and allows for easy changes by newly added programmers or hand-off in the future.

Our software development expertise doesn’t end specifically with .NET, we work regularly on C#, Sharepoint, Dynamics CRM and ERP based projects. We employ ASP.NET programmers as well as team members with various Microsoft certifications including MVP, MCP, and MCTS.