We’re coders. We’re software developers. We’re also responsive web designers that can create rich and consistent experiences across all devices.

Mostly though, we’re web application developers who’ve been at it long enough to know how to build a breadth of software systems from beginning to end – efficiently and reliably.

Microsoft ASP.NET

ASP.NET is a great solution for enterprise level customers, small businesses and entrepreneurs. Its style of coding allows for high speed development, which keeps costs down for all customers. ASP.NET is also a common standard for large businesses, which makes your application at the same level as the largest players in your industry, allowing for easy acquisition should that be a goal of the project. We are the leading Vancouver-based software development company for ASP.NET developers and have the experience needed to complete your project correctly.

Advantages of Developing with ASP.NET

  1. Lightweight Code: The amount of code required is reduced allowing for easier coding and quicker processing with large web applications.
  2. High Speed Performance: Compiling of code increases the speed of access when compared with standard web based scripting.
  3. In-Code Security: .NET has a built-in level of authentication that allows for easy security functions.
  4. Quick Deployment and Maintenance: Easy error checking in the final stages of development allows quick deployment and bug fixing.
  5. Wide Scale Use: There is wide access to knowledge on the platform which allows for fast problem solving, and allows for easy changes by newly added programmers or hand-off in the future.

We find ASP.NET is ideal both from a customer and developer perspective. The style of coding greatly speeds up the development process, changes and fixes. This allows for lower costs to the client and as well faster turnarounds for the development team. ASP.NET standards are suited for any web basedenterprise software application, but even a standard business website can take in the benefits of this solid framework. The language is safe and secure, and supported by senior web developers everywhere.

A large number of our projects are SaaS based and enabled with cloud hosting standards. This has our ASP.NET programmers work with Cloud hosting services such as Microsoft Azure (which is hosting of the Essential Designs website) or Amazon AWS Windows. If you are looking for a Vancouver .NET developer we are industry leaders.

PHP Development

PHP is a fantastic general programming language for a multitude of applications. PHP and MySQL work hand in hand to create a solid development framework that can be ideal for a broad range of customers. Whether your project was built in PHP and you are looking for us to take it over, or you are starting from scratch, PHP development might be ideal for your project.

Being in a Linux based environment has a huge benefit, low application hosting fees being one of the biggest. Pairing the project was advanced languages such as Perl, Python, running Cron Jobs, or using JavaScript can all be advantages of working in PHP. Feel free to discuss your project with our team members today and we can help decide if this is the right language for you.

Advantages of Developing with PHP

  1. Coding Speed: There are many frameworks that allow us increased speed of development with PHP (Zend, CakePHP, Yii & CodeIgniter to name a few).
  2. Openly Available: PHP is free, easily accessible and available for use by anyone.
  3. Community Assistance: PHP is an open source language with a large number of online resources and easy to find help for problem-solving.
  4. Low Cost & Versatile Hosting: Cheap and easy hosting is the name of the game when dealing with technologies that can run on Linux servers; it can be run on any Windows based server as well.
  5. Language Similarity: Due to its similarity with other coding languages, PHP developers from varied skill set backgrounds are able to make an easy transition.

Objective-C and Swift

Objective-C and Swift are native iOS development languages that we create iPhone and iPad applications with. The original native language for iPhone devices was Objective-C, and this is used in the majority of applications we have developed. Apple has been moving towards Swift as the standard for native development, as as such we have been following suit to stay with the latest and greatest that Apple supports. With either language you have the benefit of native code development – that is to say, the code interacts directly with the device, without using a 3rd party layer in between. There are some major advantages for Swift:

  1. We can create modules in Swift that work with existing Objective-C libraries. That is to say, all of the work we have done with Objective-C is not a waste switching to this new language and standard.
  2. Apple is the author, meaning this is the language they are pushing for the future. New features and functions will be regularly introduced into the language.
  3. It is safer in its coding syntax, where a developer can be slightly more loose in brackets without causing bugs and issues in the code
  4. Quick Deployment and Maintenance: Easy error checking in the final stages of development allows quick deployment and bug fixing.
  5. It is lighter weight, with Objective-C having been around for over 30 years it has grown in size dramatically

In the end, whether going with Objective-C, Swift, Unity, Cordova or cross platform technologies in your mobile app, the bottom line for Essential Designs is that we can service you. Don’t care which language is used? No problem. We will select on your behalf and give you a rundown on why we made the choice.

HTML5 and CSS3 Development

Being relatively new programming languages, HTML5 and CSS3 are being widely adopted but not all software development houses are currently experts in these areas. Essential Designs has worked to focus on these technologies as they play a key part in application development that is forward thinking.

Mobile devices are not supporting Flash based technology, and prior to HTML5 and CSS3, Flash was the most media rich method we had for development on the web. We are now able to re-create what previously required Flash for the web in these languages so that mobile devices can have the same experiences as desktop.

Apple’s iOS has not supported use of Flash based technologies since its inception. Other mobile devices also do not work well enough with Flash to make it a viable technology as we move forward. HTML5 has picked up where Flash left off allowing for multimedia rich development using a language that is acceptable to all mobile devices and web browsers.

CSS3 has made an equally powerful contribution with its scalable web technology known as Responsive Design. This technology allows your web based software to scale, adjust and fit to any mobile device or desktop browser. Not only will it fit to the screen, but it will literally adjust the layout of the page to give the user the optimal viewing experience. If you are looking for a Vancouver HTML5 developer, we are the team.

Advantages of Developing with HTML5 and CSS3

  1. Responsive Design: It is hard to speak enough about how powerful this concept is on the web.Being able to scale and resize your website or web applications based on the device resolution is made possible with CSS3. It can be utilized with almost any programming language but its common partner is HTML5. Ask us how we can implement this for your project.
  2. Multimedia: Until now, use of media rich applications on the web generally required Flash or Silverlight. Both of these options do not work well with mobile devices if at all in most cases. HTML5 is a solution that allows for video, audio animation and more to create high quality web experiences. All done in a standard which is allowed on every PC, Mac or mobile device on the market. HTML5 development in Vancouver or Toronto for anything multimedia is best handled by our team.
  3. Geolocation Support:As we move more and more to mobile devices, users have built in GPS and wireless connections that can aid in pinpointing their physical location. Locations of users can be easily integrated into web applications to enrich the user experience by connecting to users with nearby waypoints. This has generally been accomplished with custom mobile applications which allow you to tie in directly to native mobile device functions, but HTML5 allows for geolocation support through the browser.
  4. Offline Application Cache: When a user is disconnected from the internet, their browsing experience or web application use is interrupted. There is always a portion of the page left in the browser cache, but not all of the site would be accessible. With HTML5 we can be selective in assigning which portions of the site the browser should cache. This can allow for an offline experience with web applications that were not possible before.

C#, Ajax, jQuery, JavaScript

We are a team of very well rounded senior level software programmers. We will always employ the
techniques that are best suited to your project, without having to be requested. We have experience in many different languages which is not always the case for Toronto or Vancouver software companies, and this is a general rundown on some of the languages we manage on a daily basis. If the language you are looking to develop with is not listed here, that does not mean that we do not have experience in it. Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your project, or ask for our specific experience with the technology you are looking for.

C# Programming
Our software development team has a very deep experience level in C# programming: the core of our team is .NET development, and for our .NET team we only take on senior developers, all of who have a deep understanding of C#. We feel that we our C# team is the largest and most knowledgeable in the area. This experience has been used on many large scale enterprise projects, Mono based projects, embedded systems and more.

If you do not specifically have a need for C# no problem, we can advise when selecting it for use on your project. Also for those who are looking specifically for C#, we are a great fit.To find out more about our software companies’ programming and development abilities please contact us for more details or to view some of our team resumés.

Ajax Programming
As we primarily focus on web based software development, we implement Ajax techniques on a regular basis. Ajax is not one particular software language but a group of techniques. In web application development data is the central key to all things. Ajax allows us to push and pull data back in forth from various locations, running through background processes that do not interfere with the user experience.Use of Ajax does not need to be requested by our customers, and the majority would not know it has been involved. Our group is a senior team of developers who tackle the implementation of this and other techniques to create the best experience possible in our web based software application development.

Contact us today to discuss our use of Ajax in your project, or to ask any other questions you may have!

jQuery Programming

When developing projects for our customers we try to leverage as many pre-built technologies as possible, to speed up development and create the best final product possible. jQuery is a language similar to JavaScript, with a module based library of code. It is not uncommon to find a pre-built jQuery module such as an image viewing gallery, or a data grid as an example.If our customers request the use of a specific jQuery module that is no problem for us to work with. If we feel a certain situation can be helped with use of a module we will go ahead and implement this with no direction required.

JavaScript Programming

JavaScript enables a very rich user experience that most coding languages are not able to compare with. This is what makes it unique and also what has attracted major web based application supporters for their products such as Google. Every one of our developers has JavaScript experience and can implement it where best suited on your particular project.

JavaScript is often considered an advanced language by developers, and despite the similar name it is not related to Java. It is a scripting language and is a component of our Ajax programming techniques as mentioned above.

Java Programming

Java is a programming language built from C and C++ currently maintained by Oracle. It has become the main programming language used for the Android platform, and is often found is client-server based web applications. Big advantages for Java are its lack of re-compiling required, it can run on any Java machine after creation. Whether you are looking to convert your Java-based application into a mobile app or need any other Java development work, we can help To find out more about our software teams programming and development abilities please contact us for more details .