Welcome to the Future: Progressive Web Apps

“The Future is now!” How many times are we going to hear this line? Ever since the first iPhone was released and sequential releases after. We welcome our readers to the first posts in our series, Welcome to the Future, … Read More

Android OS adoption rates are at a low but Google has a fix!

Today we’re going to take a look at Google’s distribution numbers to date. Google releases these numbers every month to help us keep an eye on where the Android world is moving. While last month saw Oreo show up at 0.2% and modest … Read More

Nothing to see here but our Evolution

One of the most detailed Timelines of history Have you ever wanted to know about 1700s or how Columbus sailed the 7 seas? Then this is the site for you! View a complete timeline history from the beginning of time, … Read More

TEDxVancouver: Distortion 2017 Re-Cap

In a city that is both a paradise and affordable, where technology collides with nature, and luxury lives blocks from extreme poverty, this refracted view of our skyline underscores one fact that there is no single way of looking at … Read More

TEDxSFU 2017 hosted in Vancouver on the Granville Island Stage

TEDxSFU talks in Vancouver this weekend! That’s right, except this time the event is being independently organized and curated by Simon Fraser University students, alumni, and faculty. This Sunday, November 12 people from across the Lower Mainland will be coming … Read More

NHS now lets you talk to a doctor through a video call

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is introducing “GP at Hand,” a service which allows patients to have a consultation over video call. The NHS has teamed up with Babylon Health, a healthcare provider which enables users to have appointments … Read More

Over 15 Million watched the ‘Stranger Things 2’ premiere by its third day on Netflix

Netflix definitely has a hit show on its hands with the recent release of Stranger Things 2. According to new data this week from Nielsen, which only recently began measuring subscription video on demand services, 361,000 viewers binged their way … Read More

ReactNative – Current web techniques for Mobile

Have you chosen the right technology to develop your app in, we ask the hard questions when fleshing your App out. Making the right decision when choosing a programming and developing language for an application can oftentimes determine failure or … Read More

First Apple iPhone X reviews are in

Apple has given a review unit of the iPhone X to Steven Levy, who was one of the first pre-release reviewers of the original iPhone ten years ago. Levy has had the iPhone X since last Tuesday and today shared his thoughts … Read More

Is it time to App-lify your field operations?

  Construction, Energy, Mining, Agriculture,Forestry, and the Oil & Gas industry are increasingly seeing the advantages of designing custom Applications for their in-field workers. As opposed to, as one executive we talked to put it, “sending people out with clipboards … Read More

Is it time to App-lify your business?

Build your business by connecting with your customers like never before. How do you make yourself indispensable to your customers? How do you create value that they will pay for again and again? Every business owner is asking themselves some … Read More

Choosing an App Developer: 7 Key Criteria You Should Consider

So you’ve got a great app idea. Whether it’s for making your business more efficient, helping people simplify their daily tasks or providing enjoyment through a fun game, the possibilities are endless. Now you just need to look for an … Read More

How to Design an Effective Mobile App for Your Business

Mobile Apps for Business With mobile phones playing such a significant role in our daily lives, building a mobile app for a business has become a necessity to stay competitive. Increasingly, business owners are appreciating the marketing power that a … Read More

How to Create an App and Make Money From It

Essential Designs’ Guide to Making a Profitable App The potential to strike it big with one popular app has led to a proliferation of entrepreneurs chasing the app dream. One thing is for certain – there is a lot of … Read More

Why Do We Employ Agile Software Development?

At Essential Designs we employ an Agile Software Development methodology. There are a number of benefits to using an Agile process to manage software development projects. As the name suggests, one of the major benefits is that it lets you … Read More

Top 5 Advantages of Customized Business Applications

Every business is unique, and business needs vary enormously from one organization to the next. As such, the traditional, ready-made software packages just aren’t the best solution for most businesses anymore. Business owners are realizing that it is difficult for … Read More

Top 5 Mobile App Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Whether it is reading the news, socializing, shopping, navigating and more, mobile apps have enriched our daily lives and enabled us to do almost everything from our phones. As of June 2016, Android users had 2.2 million apps to choose … Read More

Mobile App Development Trends for 2017

Mobile phones in today’s world are an essential part of life. The number of smartphone users globally are on a booming rise, as with the number of apps people are using on them. In fact, it’s predicted by Gartner that … Read More

Use the Web to Colorize Black & White Photos

At Essential Designs we love the tech, and we love the web. The team over at Algorithmia have built an amazing web based application that uses deep learning technology to colorize old black and white photos. Sounds like magic? Either … Read More

The ultimate map of Punny Businesses

Because a good pun is it’s own… reword. If you like a good groaner, you’ll love this crowdsourced map to find the punniest businesses in the U.S. From the site: “Every day, we pass business signs. Big billboards, tiny gold leaf … Read More

A look back at the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

Unless you’ve been acting out your best ostrich impression, you’ve seen the social media frenzy (and probably 80 or so iPhone picture attempts of the moon that looks kind of like someone’s flashlight at the end of a large tunnel). We … Read More

Netflix and Chill? This website helps you pick the perfect movie  the solution to your movie selection woes. If you’re planning a romantic ‘Netflix and chill’ night in with your honey, but have colliding preferences in movies and need a little guidance, visit this site to help mediate your decision. … Read More A Typography Tool

If you’re like me, you have downloaded and installed at least 300 different fonts to your computer by now. Typography is such a great and simple way to add visual appeal to any presentation or design. helps you choose … Read More

Get up to speed on current news items with ‘direckt (fast) news’

Don’t have time to read the paper or peruse news websites, but want to make sure you’re up on current news? The answer comes to you via direkt (fast) news. As described by the creator:  “each story has the same … Read More Flip your site!

Why would you want to flip your website upside down? To be honest, we’re not entirely sure. However it’s pretty neat that using CSS, you can rotate elements on your page, even ‘flipping’ an entire website upside-down using a snippet … Read More

Diffen: The ‘Compare Anything’ App

Need to weigh the pros and cons of a decision? Just curious about a topic? Diffen is a tool that provides unbiased comparative analysis details for any two subjects. Trying to decide if you should get a Cat or a … Read More

Having trouble choosing your domain name?

If I could go back in time, I’d start buying domain names: forget the lottery! New business owners know the pain of finding a relevant SEO friendly domain name that is 1- available and 2- available consistently across social media … Read More

Johnny Cash has been everywhere (man!)

Not a lot of explanation needed for this site – it’s a visual mapping of each place Mr. Cash has been in his ‘I’ve Been Everywhere‘ song along with measured distance of travel!

Microsoft Edge Browser Experiment: Touch Effects

Out with the old, in with the new – where Microsoft is concerned. Microsoft Edge is the new browser platform replacing the outdated Internet Explorer (aka your web designers’ arch nemesis).  Within Edge, Microsoft has created a fun in-browser physics experiment … Read More

Soulwire Tentacle Simulation: Keeping things interesting on a Tuesday

This site needs little explanation; the latest advances of coding technology which functions directly in your browser – without needing a plugin – are pretty amazing. Justin Windle, a Google Creative Lab Developer, has created a tentacle creature that floats around your … Read More

Our new Live Chat Website Feature!

At Essential Designs, we wanted to implement a faster, professional way to connect with our customers (and potential customers). With this in mind, we started researching “Live Chat” options to implement on our newly redesigned website, to allow customers to … Read More

Need some DIY help? Internet (Instructables) to the rescue!

Bored? On a budget? Want to try something new? We’ve found the perfect website for you! Instructables is an interactive DIY community. Type in what you’d like to make and scroll through a variety of user-uploaded tutorials. Instructables are ranked … Read More

Fun for Friday: How’s your Rhythm?

Ever wondered if you could stand in for a metronome? Guess no more! This is a fun little friday tool: Got Rhythm plays a track at 120 beats per minute (aka House Music tempo), which means a beat plays every … Read More

Shape of the Web: Issues on the Web Today

Shape Of The Web is an interactive website created by Mozilla (Firefox) that allows Users a peek into social issues on the web and their correlation with other issues in our digital era; such as your digital identity, data protection, government … Read More

Find Image Hex Codes with a simple online tool

Web designers rejoice! A Image color tool has been created to find an image’s Hex code using HTML 5 right in your browser (read: Images don’t need to be uploaded to a webserver). This is a great tool for editing … Read More

Apple spreads its arms wide open with iOS 8 – but not without controversy

What shocked the tech world at the outset of this week was not a fresh feud between Apple and Samsung but rather Apple’s surprising openness in iOS 8. Indeed, according to a press release by Apple they are now asking … Read More

Instantly test your website on multiple devices

With the plethora of devices on the market, making sure your web and mobile presence is up to date, looks great and has cross device compatibility is a must. Today we’ve found an easy tool for web and graphic designers that … Read More

Is your monitor dying? Do you have stuck pixels on your screen? JScreenFix to the Rescue

Oh My Internet! This is incredible: JScreenFix is a pixel repair technology to correct ‘stuck’ pixels on your screen. “A stuck pixel is a bright dot of colour that fails to update when neighbouring pixels change. Stuck pixels are most noticeable … Read More

30 Dec 2014 What is Responsive Website Design?

The responsive website design revolution is actually an approach to website designing which advocates that every web design must respond to the user’s behavior and environment. In other words, websites must provide an optimal viewing experience, which concerns easy reading … Read More

ASP.NET Framework Development

The .Net framework is one of the pillars in the realm of software development and a tech-savvy team of .Net developers is one of the core assets of many software development… … Read More

The Most Popular PHP Frameworks

There are so many open source frameworks available for PHP, providing almost limitless options for developers. One of the important things developers are looking for is a solid… … Read More

PHP, Perl, Python Development Expertise

Software development companies engaged in web application development often rely on P-programming expertise (the PHP, Perl and Python programming languages). Professional… … Read More

Popular Agile Software Development Methods

Many start-ups and small software development companies are prone to start off with the practice of ad-hoc software development, which can be effective for the development of… … Read More

What is Responsive Design?

Understanding the difference between a web application and a mobile application can be tricky these days, especially with the advent of responsive web design. In this article we break down the concepts. … Read More

The Top 5 Mobile App Questions

Since we have started building Mobile Apps for companies, whether they are private or public, we’ve come across five questions that are almost always asked. I hope you will find this… … Read More

Developing With HTML 5

HTML5 standard is the fifth revision of the HTML standard, and has been brought to the forefront of modern web development technologies. As of February 2012 the language is… … Read More

What is .NET Framework?

“Dot net” is a general-purpose software development platform similar to Java, which runs on MIcrosoft Windows. The framework has a large class library, supports Windows GUI… … Read More

Web Application vs. Mobile Application – Which should your business choose

Understanding the difference between a web application and a mobile application can be tricky these days, especially with the advent of responsive web design. In this article we break down the concepts. … Read More

Content Management Systems: What is the best solution for your project?

Choosing the appropriate CMS is an important stage in your web development project, and can often seem like a daunting task. When should you choose a CMS versus building a customized solution for your business? (more … Read More

Hosting Providers Compared

Haidee gives a rundown on the major hosting providers Essential Designs will often recommend. We suggest different hosting providers based on a number of factors and this is an overview of the industry. … Read More

What is Twitter Bootstrap and Why Should I Care?

Built to create consistency for modern browsers, it can help developers build mobile friendly web applications quickly. A set of standard that speed up development and enable coders to focus on what they do best. … Read More

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a server side platform that allows you to execute JavaScript outside of a browser in files running on your server. This article gives a full rundown on why you should care. … Read More

Website vs. Web Application – What is the difference?

It can be tricky understanding what the difference is between a website and web applications; both run from a browser, both appear as a ‘website’, but what is the difference and which does Essential Designs handle … Read More

Cache Manifest and the Making of Reliable Web Applications

Many of your web application users would appreciate that they can still utilize your apps even when they are offline. This ability is provided for by what is now known as cache manifest. … Read More

Responsive Design Web Applications: What’s in it for you?

Have you heard of responsive design web applications? These are apps that have been designed for optimal viewing experience on mobile devices. But responsive web design apps bring more benefits to you than you probably know. Find out more here. … Read More

Internet Applications That Change Your Life For The Better

Technology was suppose to make our life easier and while we are not living the life of George Jetson there have been some remarkable advancements that truly make life easier. In my opinion one of the best Internet applications that … Read More

Scrum for Your Software Development Projects

Scrum is an Agile method that is used by teams to handle projects with the most complex requirements. … Read More

New Amazon Web Services Hosting Features Launched

The new hosting feature from Amazon web services called Nvidia Grid GPUs is promising better streaming for videos and 3D applications. … Read More

Pair Programming: Why it is a Good Thing?

As they say, two heads are better than one. This may just be the idea behind the concept of pair programming. Through this, the skills of two programmers are combined together to come up with more efficient results. … Read More

Beyond the Apps: A Productivity Guide to Android

In this smartphone era, Android has become more than just a mobile device OS. These devices are now treated as the most portable equivalent of a personal computer, tablet and phone all in one. With the right set of tools – calendars, notes, task lists, office suites, cloud storage & sharing, and other nifty work apps, an Android owner can have an indispensable personal assistant / productivity coach. … Read More

ASP Net Functionality and Power Combined

Web developers always look for ways not only to make the most unique and useful apps but always ways on how to make these apps easier and more practical. provides the functionality and power every web developer need today. … Read More

Top Chrome Extensions for Developers

Google Chrome is a powerful and user-friendly browser preferred by many. If you are designer or developer it is recommended to use Google Chrome extensions for further advancement of your work. … Read More

Software as a Service (SaaS) Applications vs. Desktop Apps

Between SaaS apps and desktop apps, which should you choose to develop? As a developer, you often find yourself in this dilemma. In this article, we list down the pros and cons of each type so you can make an informed decision before you start creating your app. … Read More

5 Web Applications to Change Your Life

With hundreds of we applications available to push your productivity upwards, how do you choose which ones work best for your needs? After spending some time researching, we found that these 5 web applications are your best bet. Find out why. … Read More

What to Do to Avoid Apple Store Rejection

Apple filters through thousands of application submissions before determining which ones are worthy of a place in their Apple Store. Though their filtering process is stringent, it is by no means impossible. With enough work and attention to the guidelines Apple demands, it is possible to get a new (or even previously rejected) app approved. … Read More

The iPhone Boss: Top iPhone Apps to Manage Your Business

A location-independent career is now no longer the sole province of vagabonds and gypsy expats. With a lot of mobile applications available for the iOS community, iPhone apps now work on the go without losing the efficiency and organization of physical desk space. Whether you are a small to medium sized business owner or a CEO of a conglomerate, this compilation will help you manage your business wherever you go. … Read More

API: What’s it good for and Why Care?

To the average user, the word “API” seems like it is part of a foreign language. It is admittedly part of the ever growing jargon of technology, but it shouldn’t (and does not) escape simple definition. APIs are commonplace in the web today, since they determine how applications and websites interact with each other and to what extent. The article explores this topic, how developers are using them, and the reasons for the importance of APIs. … Read More