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We code in a variety of programming languages


At Essential Designs, PHP is our workhorse for many web applications, whether we set it up to interact with Databases or APIs, or creating user content on the fly.

Swift & Objective-C

If you are seeking an Objective-C or Swift programmer for an app you have in mind, let Essential Designs help you choose the right solution for your next project.


Our team of Senior Programmers are  experienced in working in both React Native as well as React JS for application development.


Our team of professional Magento developers and designers understand the ins and outs of the Magento system.


Node is a cross-platform open source JavaScript run-time environment that is used to execute server-side JavaScript code.


ASP.NET is a great solution for enterprise level customers, small businesses and entrepreneurs. It allows for rapid development, which keeps costs down for all customers.


Java has become the main programming language used for the Android platform, and is often found in client-server based web applications.


HTML5 and CSS3 are often the choice for professionals looking to develop new and improved experiences within web applications or smartphone apps.


WordPress is a free CMS solution that is ideal for users such as entrepreneurs and business owners who want to run their own online store.


JavaScript is an advanced language that enables a very rich user experience and is used for major web based applications.

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