ASP Net Functionality and Power Combined

Powerful web apps can be created with the Microsoft platform ASP.NET. One of the major reasons to use ASP NET is because it allows for faster performance due to compiled execution. Reliability is also enhanced as it automatically detects and recovers from errors. Deployment of applications is easy and programming is made faster and easier.

ASP NET: Functionality and Power Combined

ASP NET is a platform from Microsoft that lets you create powerful web apps. The upgraded version of the classic ASP/PHP uses real programming. It is language independent, which means it can be written in various languages supported by the .NET framework.

Why should you use ASP.NET?

Faster performance due to compiled execution. Compared with the classic ASP, ASP.NET is faster. It can automatically detect any changes made, compiles files if required, and then store the complied files for reuse in the future. Compiling files dynamically makes sure that your app is always updated and because of that, it becomes faster. According to research, those who have migrated from the classic ASP to the newer ASP NET have increased the pages that they served three to five times faster. Also, because of output caching of ASP NET, the performance and scalability of the application is dramatically improved. You have to enable output caching to see the results. Once enabled on a page, it executes the page once and then saves the result in its memory before the page is sent to the user so that when another person requests the same page, only the cached result from its memory is sent. There is no need for re-executing the page. Reliability is enhanced. When errors occur, such as dead locks and memory leaks, ASP NET automatically detects and recovers from such issues. For instance, there is a memory leak, what ASP NET does is to automatically start up a new copy of ASP NET worker process. All new requests are directed to this new process and when all the pending requests have been finished, the requests are disposed and the leaked memory released. Deployment of the application is easy. The entire application is deployed easily because ASP NET copies it to the server. The settings are stored in an XML file together with the application. You can also update compiled components without having to restart the Web server unlike the classic .COM, where you are required to restart the Web server manually when there is an update that requires it to be employed. ASP NET is able to automatically detect changes and starts using the new code. It makes programming easier and uses flexible language options. ASP NET has an easy programming model that makes building real-world web apps easier. You can build great pages by using less code compared with the classic ASP. Also, ASP NET supports not only VBScript and Microsoft Jscript but actually more than 25 .net languages. Examples of which include Visual Basic.Net, Microsoft C# and

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