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Custom vs. Off-The-Shelf Software What is better for my business?   Before choosing between custom software and off-the-shelf software, you should first identify your business […]

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The app development process for both native and hybrid mobile applications is changing rapidly with the implementation of software development kits (SDKs). What is Native […]

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The Task: A New Logo   After 10 years in business, we decided it was time – time for a new logo!  After some feedback […]

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Apple Maps vs. Google Maps   As Smartphones have become one of the primary resources for North Americans to search the web and navigate their […]

5/5 Star Rating on Clutch   Essential Designs is a team of Canadian app developers. Here at ED we value our client’s feedback and satisfaction […]

What is a Progressive Web App?   A Progressive Web Application, or PWA, is a responsive web application that uses the modern look and feel […]

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What will it cost to make my App?   At Essential Designs, this is always one of the first questions we get, and one of [...]
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“The Future is now!” How many times are we going to hear this line? Ever since the first iPhone was released and sequential releases after. […]

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In a city that is both a paradise and affordable, where technology collides with nature, and luxury lives blocks from extreme poverty, this refracted view [...]
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TEDxSFU talks in Vancouver this weekend!   That’s right, except this time the event is being independently organized and curated by Simon Fraser University students, [...]