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Why You Don’t Need To Make An App: A Guide For Startups This article was originally written by Victoria Collins, a contributor for Forbes.   When you […]

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Your Project Manager What do they do? What is their role?    For each app development and software project we take on at Essential Designs, […]

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Basecamp Project Management Platform   Using the Basecamp platform has been invaluable to our organization. Basecamp facilitates communication between all of our team members in […]

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Discover insights and hear how other developers have optimized engagement to successfully retain users in the long-term.   This article with 10 tips to optimize […]

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This article was originally posted on Forbes Technology Council CommunityVoice by Nick Bawa, CEO, and Co-Founder at Covintus, Inc., leveraging the strength of a 500,000-member online development […]

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  Clutch has recognized Essential Designs as one of the top 1000 service providers in the world for 2018. Recently, we published an article that […]

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Have you chosen the right technology? Making the right decision when choosing a programming and developing language for an application can oftentimes determine failure or [...]