Groundhog Day 2019

While the rest of Canada is experiencing the ‘polar vortex’ (aka it’s horribly cold), we’re busy enjoying crocus blooms in downtown Vancouver.  Our lucky climate on the coast seems to justify the ever-inflating housing market in times like these.

The folklore of Groundhog Day is that if he pops his head up and it’s cloudy, Spring will come early. However, if he sticks his head above ground and it is sunny, his shadow will scare him back down his hole, delaying the onset of Spring for weeks.


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It’s very likely the little guy isn’t going to freeze his whiskers off by emerging from his warm home in the rest of the country, so Vancouver is truly holding the line for all of Canada.


6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Groundhog Day


  1. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, February 2nd (Groundhog Day 2019) marks the midpoint between winter solstice in December and spring equinox in March. 
  2. Groundhog Day originated from an old German holiday, originally relying on bears to predict the weather.
  3. Groundhogs aren’t looking for their shadow – they’re actually assessing where their potential mates are hiding.
  4. On a hill in Punxsutawney called Gobbler’s Knob, the first Nostradamus groundhog was eaten after making his ‘prediction’.
  5. The date is shared with a Christian holiday called Candlemas, which celebrates the presentation of baby Jesus.
  6. Astronomy plays a large part in the day in the sense that it is a seasonal festival tied to the movement of the Earth around the sun.

Early Spring or Long Winter?


Since anywhere east of us in Canada is pretty much out of the prediction running this year, we looked into the weather forecast for tomorrow here in Vancouver and things are looking… BAD! I mean, we’re about to actually get SNOW in Vancouver!  



groundhog day weather prediction 2019

Sorry, Canada.

Spring will likely be delayed this year, but out West that shouldn’t be too long from now. Hey, at least you can get ready for the inaugural cherry blossom photoshoots from Vancouverites coming to your icy Instagram feeds shortly!


By Mary MacPherson, Eh

Authored by Mary MacPherson

Mary is a popular Vancouver DJ and has been working in the high tech field since her inception as a web developer at Newbridge Networks in 1996.

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