Hosting Providers Compared

Whether you’re looking to host a blog, a media-streaming site, or an e-commerce site, it’s important that you do as much research as you can to find the hosting provider that will best suit your needs. Here’s a look at some of the key features of Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Media Temple, Hostgator and Rackspace.

Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 is a cloud host provider that allows developers more control. Part of that control involves your capacity usage. Amazon EC2 only charges you for what you use. Other providers might charge you a set price disregarding how much capacity is actually being used. You can scale capacity as needed. Another example of more user control is the option of utilizing Amazon’s enormous capacity capabilities and computer resources. Developers can worry less about whether or not they will be able to meet business needs, and more on developing. Flexibility and Immediacy in scaling is a great feature of Amazon EC2. If traffic increases or decreases, if computing requirements go up or down, Amazon EC2 is able to react to these changes immediately. This means that developers can control what resources are being used and for how long – it is not fixed, which also allows for more control over how much capacity is being used. For developers looking to have freedom of space and more control over usage, Amazon EC2 is an easy choice.

Microsoft Azure

For any developer that already works with Windows, Microsoft azure would be the best fit. ASP.NET, Team Foundation Server, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft System Center… just about any windows program that you may already be using can integrate with Microsoft Azure. You can also integrate on-premise applications with cloud services. Microsoft azure is also versatile in that it supports many different Internet protocols and languages. It also allows developers to deal with code and just code – no hardware. Microsoft handles the hardware off-premises. One of the biggest benefits of using Microsoft azure is the amount of security you can expect to receive in the cloud. Datacenters are kept confidential, firewalls are put up for software and virtual machines as well as internally, and they’ve also set up strong defense against service attacks. Also, your data is distributed to multiple locations making it difficult for your applications to fail. Where most cloud hosting providers lack in security, Microsoft Azure shines through. If you are looking for an easily integrated and secure provider, Microsoft Azure would be the best choice.

Media Temple

Media Temple well known for their support, which is available 24 a day, year-round. They pride themselves not only on availability of support, but also on immediacy, never taking too long to respond to inquiries. Media Temple is also known for their Grid Service. The Grid is a shared hosting platform, with multiple servers capable of supporting each site it hosts. As they’ve designed the Grid, Media Temple is able to offer faster and more reliable loading. Media Temple’s Grid also allows for scalable bandwidth dependent on traffic. In addition to the Grid form of web hosting, Media Temple also offers VPS hosting which allows you to choose an operating system of your liking and have control over all the software. A useful feature of Media Temple’s cloud service, Helix, is its simple interface, making it very user-friendly. In terms of security, the Grid uses CloudFlare to protect against attacks and detect spam, and constantly monitors potential threats. If something fails, CloudTech provides backups and recovery. Media Temple seems to have a little bit of everything, a good middle-ground choice for hosting.


If you thought Media Temple had options, consistently named among the top web hosting providers, HostGator provides extremely flexible hosting plans at moderate pricing. They offer shared web hosting, VPS hosting, reseller and dedicated web hosting. Each type of hosting comes with certain sets of features that appeal to any kind of developer. Each type of plan comes with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, a user-friendly control panel, several thousand website templates, a 45-day trial period and readily available technical support. One of the most appealing features of HostGator is the security. Not only is it one of the largest hosting providers, it is among the most secure. They are Safe Harbor certified. Safe Harbor is security Framework developed by the U.S. that works together with The European Union privacy laws to protect data. To become certified, the provider must meet a certain amount of criteria, and HostGator was able to do so. HostGator is definitely the pick for an all around provider at an affordable cost.

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