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Cross Device Compatibility Checker

With the plethora of devices on the market, making sure your web and mobile presence is up to date, looks great and has cross device compatibility is a must.

In today’s world, full of new gadgets and devices coming every day, the users can access your website or applications from a myriad possibility of devices. There is no limit of platforms which the end users use. While your developer is investing so much of his effort and energy into developing the best solution – be it a website or an app. It is essential that the solution should echo with the usage of real world user who is going to use the system in long run.

If you are developing a mobile application, it can be accessed through mobile devices – cell phones or tablets which come in several screen sizes and a few platforms. Similarly, web applications can be accessed through different browsers, operating systems and screen resolutions.

Today we’ve found an easy tool for web and graphic designers that will make testing your work a breeze. Mobiletest.me asks you to plug in a URL, then you can view (and navigate!) the site in multiple devices, including:

  • iPad / iPad Mini
  • iPhone
  • Kindle
  • Blackberry
  • Android
  • Full-width screens

Simply sign up, plug in your URL, choose the device and you’re set! http://mobiletest.me/

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