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Technology was supposed to make our lives easier, and while we are not living the life of George Jetson yet, there have been some remarkable advancements that truly make life easier. In my opinion one of the best Internet applications that has changed the world in a profound way is the service offered Dropbox, while the company name may not last forever what they have done has really taken the world by storm. In order to appreciate what Internet applications like Dropbox offer we have to look at the world before we had this solution.

In the past when we worked on a document we had to save it on our hard drive and then Email it back and forth with other collaborators. This process was not only inefficient it was risky from a security point of view since anyone who intercepted your Emails could review what was in those documents. To further compound this problem you would need to lug around your computer with you wherever you go, needless to say this was time consuming.

How Did Web Applications Like Dropbox Change The World ?

Dropbox is a utility that lets anyone with an account and access to the Internet work on documents in real time. This Internet app lets you download, make changes to any document in your folder and the moment you save the file it will automatically update in the “cloud” for all of the other collaborators to review in real time. By having everyone work on the same document in real time it helps streamline your processes. Dropbox can be accessed anywhere in the world that is connected to the Internet and it also acts as a failsafe, if your hard drive failed your data is still saved on the Dropbox servers for future use.

If you are interested in streamlining your processes you should consider building your own Internet app that works like Dropbox but has your branding. To build your own Internet app you need to find an app developer that has experience and a proven track record, you need a firm like so contact us now and lets look at how we can streamline your business processes.

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