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Website Live Chat for Sales and Customer Support

At Essential Designs, we wanted to implement a faster, professional way to connect with our customers (and potential customers). With this in mind, we started researching “Live Chat” options to implement on our newly redesigned website, to allow customers to instantly connect with one of our sales team. As anyone in the dev world knows, real time development is expensive. Building a custom option simply wasn’t in the cards as we wanted to run a trial on this feature before committing to it as a permanent feature on our website – and we stumbled across Chat X for WordPress that is built on the Firebase API.

Features of Chat X:

  • Open source
  • One-time fee (1 license = 1 website with life time updates)
  • 50 users can chat at one time (i.e. 10 operators and 40 visitors) [?]
  • Fully customizable
  • Chat logs
  • Clean code
  • Fast and lightweight
  • More than one operators can reply to the same user’s question
  • Visitors can fill out a contact form when all operators are offline
  • Optional “Email notifications” when new visitor is online
  • SSL support (all messages are encrypted)
  • WordPress 3.8 or newer
  • Free Firebase account

So, come help us test our new website feature! So far we’re loving the real time application, encrypted messages and message logs, and the ease of use. Check it out today: ed-site

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