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Software Development: Pair Programming

As they say, two heads are better than one. This may just be the idea behind the concept of pair programming. Through this, the skills of two programmers are combined together to come up with more efficient results.

06 Jul 2015
Android Productivity Guide

In this smartphone era, Android has become more than just a mobile device OS. These devices are now treated as the most portable equivalent of a personal computer, tablet and phone all in one. With the right set of tools – calendars, notes, task lists, office suites, cloud storage & sharing, and other nifty work apps, an Android owner can have an indispensable personal assistant / productivity coach.

06 Jul 2015
ASP Net Functionality and Power Combined

Web developers always look for ways not only to make the most unique and useful apps but always ways on how to make these apps easier and more practical. provides the functionality and power every web developer need today.

06 Jul 2015
5 Web Apps to Change Your Life

With hundreds of we applications available to push your productivity upwards, how do you choose which ones work best for your needs? After spending some time researching, we found that these 5 web applications are your best bet. Find out why.

06 Jul 2015
What to Do to Avoid Apple Store Rejection

Apple filters through thousands of application submissions before determining which ones are worthy of a place in their Apple Store. Though their filtering process is stringent, it is by no means impossible. With enough work and attention to the guidelines Apple demands, it is possible to get a new (or even previously rejected) app approved.

06 Jul 2015
The iPhone Boss: Top iPhone Apps to Manage Your Business

A location-independent career is now no longer the sole province of vagabonds and gypsy expats. With a lot of mobile applications available for the iOS community, iPhone apps now work on the go without losing the efficiency and organization of physical desk space. Whether you are a small to medium sized business owner or a CEO of a conglomerate, this compilation will help you manage your business wherever you go.

06 Jul 2015
The API Developers Crash Course

To the average user, the word “API” seems like it is part of a foreign language. It is admittedly part of the ever growing jargon of technology, but it shouldn’t (and does not) escape simple definition. APIs are commonplace in the web today, since they determine how applications and websites interact with each other and to what extent. The article explores this topic, how developers are using them, and the reasons for the importance of APIs.

06 Jul 2015