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What is Responsive Design?

Understanding the difference between a web application and a mobile application can be tricky these days, especially with the advent of responsive web design. In this article we break down the concepts.

06 Jul 2015
PHP, Perl, Python Development

Software development companies engaged in web application development often rely on P-programming expertise (the PHP, Perl and Python programming languages). Professional…

06 Jul 2015
Agile Development Methods

Many start-ups and small software development companies are prone to start off with the practice of ad-hoc software development, which can be effective for the development of…

06 Jul 2015
The Most Popular PHP Frameworks

There are so many open source frameworks available for PHP, providing almost limitless options for developers. One of the important things developers are looking for is a solid…

06 Jul 2015
ASP.NET Development Framework

The .Net framework is one of the pillars in the realm of software development and a tech-savvy team of .Net developers is one of the core assets of many software development…

06 Jul 2015