In the age of smart devices and streaming digital media, Chaldea offers a new way to experience graphic novels, blending beautiful illustrations with music, sound, and live-action film sequences into a single cohesive evocative tale.

The story of Chaldea is an adult-themed epic fantasy, steeped heavily in classic mythology, featuring elves, dwarves, and orcs, Egyptian and Norse gods, heroes and villains, high adventure, planetary politics and war…all clashing in the wake of a failing empire.





The design phase lasted around 6 months from start to finish. We selected a specific set of illustrations. typeface and color palette understanding the end-user and brand.

We utilized the original logo to align the final product to the brand’s mission and goals. 

Using 3 different colors (1 primary and 2 secondary) the result was exactly what the client was looking for. 



Essential Designs created a very modern and easy-to-use interface that helps drug users to reach potential life-saving support when in need. Built as a native iOS application and native Android application allows for the vast majority of device types to access.
A plan to integrate directly with BC Ambulance services without having to adjust their current process was developed by Essential Designs, using direct phone carrier integration for Voice to Text conversion, and GPS coordinate relaying.

Final Product



A platform where users and other app officials can manage the data, access and content creation.

Native iOS & Android App

Native application for both iOS and Android devices.