Case Study: EverGenius Online Platform

 EverGenius is an online platform for doctors offices to manage their marketing and track all stages of customer acquisition.  

Online platform development

Business Goals

Having provided manual marketing services to doctors offices in the United States for years, the goal of EverGenius was for software platform development – to create an automated platform that makes the system easy.  From initial automated creation of a website, to booking of doctors appointments and tracking conversions – large volumes of data needed to be shown to a given doctors office. HIPAA compliance is also a major factor to deal with, so server infrastructure and knowledge in this area are necessary.

Project Results

Essential Designs created a feature-heavy modular online platform with many elaborate uses.  
Automatic Instance Deployment
The custom online platform itself is written in PHP with a MySQL database, and front-end WordPress websites are automatically deployed with a click from multiple template options to allow doctors offices easy text editing. 
Deep Feature Set
The custom EverGenius platform feature includes; custom social media pushing centre (mini-Hootsuite), schedule management, newsletter mailing management, custom drip campaigns, 2-way SMS integrations, voice message handling, response time tracking, detailed reporting and much more.

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