Business Goals

Founded in 1996, Expedite Transcription Services has rapidly grown to become a leading provider of Medical Transcription in British Columbia. Expedite provides clients with four methods of dictation: telephone, digital handheld, microphone tool, or their new mobile app.

Web App for Administrators, Users and Transcriptionists

About The Project

Expedite needed to fast-forward their existing software to 2019 standards. The web app is a system that helps doctors, lawyers, and other professions get their dictations recorded via four possible methods, which are then sent to Expedite. The software system converts the dictations into jobs, which are assigned to individual typists.


There are 3 levels of access for this software: admin, user, and transcriptionist. When a doctor submits a dictation, a job is created and assigned to an available typist. The typist completes the transcription using a template and uploads the document back to the system. The doc is forwarded for approval and once approved; it becomes available for the doctor to download. An invoice is then automatically generated, and payment reports are generated.

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