Business Goals

Providence Child Development Society operates in six locations throughout Calgary for children from 32 months to six years of age. (Early Intervention programs start at 19 months.)

The school program is based on a learning-through-play philosophy that allows the child to learn in a safe and fun environment. Certified teachers along with a team of therapists and educational assistants provide direct individualized treatment in the classroom.

Cloud-Based CRM to track & submit regulatory student information

About The Project

Providence Child Development Society has a CRM to manage student information and follow compliance for government requirements called Provincial Approach to Student Information (PASI). Because the PASI API needs frequent updates to maintain device compatibility, Providence needed a development team that could work with Integrations and Maintenance of their CRM system to PASI, as well as make some important changes and additions to their CRM system.


Essential Designs’ senior software development team was able to code important fixes to their existing CRM, enabling Providence to fully function during back to school registration. We are working on an ongoing basis with Providence to provide maintenance and much needed additions and fixes to their CRM. Our team is providing high level support to maintain integrations with the PASI API.

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