Case Study: QuickServe Restaurant App

QuickServe restaurant app is a white-labeled product for restaurants worldwide. QuickServe is a custom restaurant services provider with the goal of enabling restaurants to digitally sell their product themselves, without having to use a digital service partner.  

Business Goals

Most products for selling food on the market require the restaurant to go under another app brand, the goal for the QuickServe app development platform was to allow business owners to custom create their own app, under their own brand.  This allows the restaurant to build and control their own image, it also allows them to keep all of the profits associated to orders, vs. splitting it with a 3rd party app service.

Project Results

The final restaurant app product for QuickServe consists of two custom native mobile applications, for both iOS and Android, along with a web-based Administration panel for the apps.  The Super Admin is able to deploy new restaurants with ease, to automatically setup a new custom mobile app per restaurant, and control the menu items, pricing and even colors on the backend.  Direct integration to thermal printers allows for instant ordering processing on site.

Video Explainer

Restaurant App development

App Q&A

QuickServe creates a custom iOS and Android application for each restaurant or coffee shop, not added to a list of a master application

Yes. QuickServe is customized for each individual restaurant to display their logo and have the interface set to their colors.

Yes, QuickServe is integrated with a  web based Admin panel for managing content and generating reports.

User Admins can setup in app payment through a variety of payment processors such as PayPal and Moneris.

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