Business Goals

The WBEA operates a network of continuous ambient air monitoring stations in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. The WBEA compares the measurements collected at the stations against the Alberta Ambient Air Quality Objectives (AAAQOs). When a measured parameter exceeds the AAAQOs, the WBEA must notify select WBEA members and provide information about the exceedance, such as station, date, time, concentration, wind speed, wind direction, etc.

The business used to operate by emailing a .csv form following an exceedance, which would arrive the following business day. This wasn’t the most efficient or timely solution.

iPhone & Android Air Quality App with Web Admin Panel

About The Project

The Wood Buffalo Environmental Association needed to expedite their air exceedance notification process. Essential Designs created an app for Android and iPhone that receives information from the WBEA’s servers and immediately notifies members. Notifications include air quality changes (exceedances) and relevant corresponding information via push notifications.


We built native mobile apps for iOS and Android that users can download to their device which allows a user to subscribe to exceedance events in order to receive notifications. A web panel login / back-end system, accessible by administrators was created to manage the data. The app receives information of events from the WBEA servers and notifies members immediately, providing all relevant information via push notifications.

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