The iPhone Boss: Top iPhone Apps to Manage Your Business

Business Management Apps


There’s a reason why many top level executives and seasoned entrepreneurs opt for the iPhone – it is a great tool for business. Whether you need mobile iphone apps for mobile project management, business finance and accounting, or simply for tracking productivity, these iPhone apps have something for you:

Mobile project management Bitrix24.

If you are one of those business owners who jumped on the recent collaboration bandwagon, Bitrix24 will offer you a free social intranet so you can update on your team’s projects anywhere. Genius from an app developer perspective and a great tool to use. LiquidPlanner. The LiquidPlanner app will track your analytics real time and also doubles as a very neat streamlining app for all your tasks. It also allows remote access to your desktop via the LiquidPlanner software so syncing won’t be a problem. The best part? It’s one of those totally free iPhone apps. Wrike. This app is deadline-centric and will help you keeping an eye on your work quota week after week. The activity stream on this app always reflects the top priorities and will remind you if a task is already due.


Business Finance and Accounting QuickBooks Mobile

This app is practically the finance office on your iPhone. It will help you track customers, invoices, sales receipts and estimates. The accounting data is also available in QuickBooks Online so it will always be available when you do go back to the office. Certainly one of the best iPhone apps there is, it is perfect for mobile entrepreneurs who may need to give a customer a quotation or an invoice outside the office. Shoeboxed This app collates pictures of your receipts and/or business cards. Even tech-averse CEOs will find this app very simple and easy-to-use. InDinero Ever wanted to do your profit and loss statements on the fly? The InDinero app will have you doing just that. And more! The very nifty app can also collate all your bank statements, both savings and credit card, and can track all your monthly expenditures with such efficiency as if your very own personal accountant did it for you. Square For mobile credit card transactions, Square is probably your best choice in the free credit card reader category. Today’s transactions will be credited the next day and will only be charged 2.75% per swipe. SurePayroll If you are a location-independent business who have virtual administrators all over the world, this is one of the iPhone apps you need. The mobile payroll app will allow you to manage your payroll system according to the type of employees you have to pay – whether salaried, hourly or contract. It also features other options like earnings, deductions and working hours.


If you truly are a Boss… TimeTrade

This is the top app for handling the scheduling needs of a real boss. TimeTrade works like the best secretary you nearly hired a month ago. It schedules appointments, automates the confirmation of all these appointments, and actually allows your clients to schedule their appointments with you. The web application is a perfect complement for this mobile app and will assure you that all your appointments are synced wherever you go.

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