Favourite Developer Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is a powerful yet simple browser that many developers and designers recommend for use. If you are a user, have you tried using Chrome Extensions? CSS-Shack, CSS Grady, Color Picker, Pixlr Express, and Pixlr Editor are a few of the top Chrome extensions that developers love to use.

Top Chrome Extensions for Developers

Google Chrome, being a powerful lightweight browser, is one of the most preferred browsers among consumers. It is also a favorite among developers and designers because it is user-friendly. If you want to expedite your work as a designer or developer here are some Chrome extensions that can help you along the way.

  1. CSS-Shack: Both a Chrome web and desktop app, this extension allows you to create website designs, mockups & layer styles, and then export them to one CSS file. This is fully compatible with CSS3 and can work even when you are offline. The browser version is free although you are limited to storing only one document at a time. If you want something for longer use, you have to download the desktop version.
  1. CSS Grady: This free app lets you create all types of CSS gradients. When you generate CSS3 code using the gradient generator tool, the code can be used not only in Chrome but also in Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari (among others) to change the appearance of a web page. Generating beautiful CSS gradients is automatic.
  1. Color Picker: For experienced web developers, Color Picker is one of the most useful extensions. If you want to immediately see color changes on a particular website without having to use external apps, this one is a good option to use. It has an eye dropper feature that can be adjusted from 1 to 101 pixels and contains tags on the page where you want a change of color. If you want to make quick decisions as to what color to use in a web page, this extension is highly recommended.
  1. Pixlr Express: For fast photo editing, Pixlr Express is the way to go. You can edit from your browser, make color adjustments or add effects and overlays. There are almost 250 effects that you can experiment with, including the basic photo editing tools like crop, rotate, and straighten.
  1. Pixlr Editor: If Pixlr Express’ 250 effects do not satisfy you and you are really in need of a full-feature photo editor, consider using Pixlr Editor. Similar to Pixlr Express, you can edit directly in your browser using the Pixlr Editor. More importantly, this extension is free! Utilize various editing features, like red eye reduction, drawing tools, clone tools, spot heal tool, and more.

In case you haven’t tried Chrome these extensions might give you a reason to switch!

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