Wordmark.it: A Typography Tool

Typography Tool


If you’re like me, you have downloaded and installed at least 300 different fonts to your computer by now. Typography is such a great and simple way to add visual appeal to any presentation or design. Wordmark.it helps you choose the ideal font by quickly showing a preview of your choice of text with all of the fonts currently installed on your computer.

    • Type a word or a phrase in the text box and click the load fonts button.
    • Scroll through the previews and choose the ones you are interested in by clicking on them.
    • Click the filter selected button to isolate selected previews.
    • Finally note down the names of the selected fonts to be used in your image or text editing software. You can also:
    • Adjust the size of the previews by entering a pixel value or by clicking the smaller / bigger buttons
    • Invert preview colors to test the fonts on a dark background.
    • Toggle between lower case (aa), Title Case (Aa) or UPPER CASE previews(AA)
    • Adjust letter spacing (tracking) of fonts in selections (<> button when you move your mouse over preview tiles)
    • Zoom in to explore intricate details of fonts in selections (+ button when you move your mouse over preview tiles)
    • Drag and sort the order of previews in selections to compare similar fonts side by side.

Visit http://wordmark.it/ and get fonty!

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