5 Web Apps to Change Your Life

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While everybody seems to be online these days, not everyone has taken advantage of the Internet to help manage their daily lives. If you haven’t, maybe it is time to consider using these web applications to make you more productive, either for work or personal time.

  1. Dropbox. Sign up with Dropbox and save your files there (instead of saving them on your desktop). You can access your files from anywhere, whether through your computer, tablet, or phone. What’s more, you can save not only document files but also add videos or photos from anywhere. If you are working with a team, you can also share files with them through Dropbox.
  1. Evernote. It helps you remember everything. One of the best web applications for taking notes, saving web pages for offline reading, syncing files across devices, and much more. It can be a repository of all your reference materials, including recipes. Even more amazing is a feature called “Web Clipper,” which not only saves your favorite webpage like that of a bookmark but actually makes notes on the particular article. As if that’s not awesome enough, signing up is also free! There is also a free version and a paid version (or free account and premium account). It is also available in almost all platforms so whether you are an avid iOS fan or you prefer the more professional Blackberry platform, you can use Evernote.
  1. Join.Me. If you have been conducting meetings with a lot of people, you can definitely use the Internet to your advantage. Why not conduct a webinar and use join.me to present, train, or demo to your audience? It is both convenient and it saves you from having to memorize a script (that is, if you are new to product presentations and demos). Join.me allows not only Internet calling but also screen sharing and sending of files. It allows up to 10 meeting participants and can be viewed as well in iPad, iPhone, and Android phones.
  1. Grooveshark. This is the app for music lovers. It works exactly like iTunes but you don’t have to install it on your PC because it’s on the Cloud. It offers free music streaming which allows you to create your own playlist. You can also share it with others through various social networking sites. There is a premium version but the free version works just fine.
  1. Hootsuite. For people who have plenty of social networking accounts, Hootsuite is for you. It lets you manage your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and other social media accounts from a single app. This is a great app especially for Internet marketers who regularly post online. Being a web app, it works well across any platform – whether you are using Mac OSX, Windows, Linux, or any other platform.

If you have been searching for web applications that will make you more productive or make your life easier and more organized, try using these apps and see how they can change your life.

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