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We build incredible web-based applications. From simple to complex, data-driven or consumer projects, we are highly experienced at delivering results.

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We are Calgary’s Experienced Web and Mobile App Developers

Front-end Development

Design and develop the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) and code components of the web app, focusing on creating an intuitive and visually appealing interface that enhances usability and engagement. We take care of the entire process for all features.

Back-end Development

Establish the server-side infrastructure, database, and application logic powering the web app. Tasks encompass data management, secure user authentication, business logic implementation, and optimization for functionality and performance.

Security & Performance

Implement robust security measures to protect user data and ensure the web app's resilience against potential vulnerabilities. Optimize the app's performance by optimizing code, minimizing load times, and improving scalability to deliver a seamless user experience.

Testing & Deployment

Conduct testing of the web app to identify and fix any bugs, errors, or usability issues. Once the app is optimized, deploy it to a server or cloud platform, ensuring a smooth transition to production. Maintenance can be necessary to keep the app running securely.

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Web and Mobile App Development

The Essentials of Great Web and Mobile Apps

Web Application Design

Our team of programmers and developers are well-versed in a variety of languages, giving our clients more options when building an application from scratch with specific functions and requirements. We are not fans of traditional app developing packages, as these often lead to bugs and limits the ability to implement truly unique features into our clients’ projects. Instead, we enjoy working one on one with each of our individual clients to determine their needs while also developing a solution and project scope that works best without eliminating the overall ability of the final web app itself. At Essential Designs, we work only with the best senior programmers and developers around, allowing our clients to get the most out of any app they envision from scratch.

Our versatile team of programmers and developers excels in various languages, providing clients with extensive options for tailored app development.

We prioritize individual client collaboration, delivering unique solutions that preserve the overall capability of the web app.

Working exclusively with the best senior programmers and developers, we ensure clients achieve their vision's full potential.

Business Web Applications

We also specialize in building business-specific web applications, making it much easier to communicate with team members while managing your day-to-day tasks with less hassle. Developing a business application for your company is a way to potentially automate billing, send tickets to working employees (even if they are working remotely), or simply manage time and schedules within any department or your company as a whole. Ultimately, building a custom business web application is a way to reduce overall costs by increasing productivity, efficiency, and overall communication with all of your employees and customers simultaneously.

Specializing in business web apps for easier team communication and task management.

Custom business apps automate billing, ticket management, and streamline time and schedule management for increased productivity.

Custom business web apps reduce costs by improving productivity, efficiency, and communication with employees and customers.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is an exciting breakthrough in web design technology. Finally, your online presence can automatically adapt to any screen size, on any device. With responsive design, you only need one version of your app or website to serve the different preferences of the entire market. Often, with a responsive web application, you don’t even need to build a native mobile version of your app. Responsive design works for a wide range of web-based software applications; from admin panels to portals, to SaaS projects. Buy stocks, review sales reports, order more pallets of wood – whatever you need, view and easily accomplish your tasks on any device. Remember, no matter how large or complicated your project may be, we have the skills to create an intuitive experience for your users and a headache-free experience for you. Contact us today to learn how smooth the process can be.

Responsive design technology automatically adjusts your online presence to any screen size and device, providing a seamless user experience.

With responsive design, a single version of your app or website serves the diverse preferences of the entire market, eliminating the need for separate native mobile versions.

Responsive design works effectively for various web-based software applications, enabling users to effortlessly accomplish tasks on any device.

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Building top quality software & apps for over a decade.

The Essential Process



At the start of each project, we work with our customers to build a solid project plan. The initial Scope document can come from the client or a combined process of phone calls and in-person meetings. This meticulous planning ensures that we have a clear roadmap for success from the very beginning.



Once the project plan and scope have been finalized, our wireframing team takes over to determine the placement of all objects on each page of the application, whether it is a consumer mobile app or a backend business application. This is an important stage where we come to a final agreement on what will be placed on each page for the User to access.



After the wireframes for all pages have been finalized, our design team takes over to create the final appearance and functionality of the application. This is an exciting stage of the project where you can see the entire application come to life. We will provide you with clickable versions to fully experience everything the user goes through before we begin coding.



With the wireframes and designs finalized, we begin coding the application to make it functional. As an Agile development shop, we break down the project into baskets of features called Sprints. This approach allows our customers to regularly review the progress of their software development process and provide feedback at the end of each Sprint. We value your input and involvement throughout the entire development process.



The testing process for mobile and software applications is a crucial step in ensuring that the product is functional, reliable, and user-friendly. Typically, the process involves several stages, where various techniques and tools are employed to identify defects, bugs, and usability issues. The goal is to detect and correct any issues before the application is released to the public, ultimately improving the user experience and ensuring the success of the product.



After the application is completed, approved by our internal QA, project management and the client – we are ready to deploy the code to its final destination. Hosting options vary from client-owned servers to web or cloud hosting. We guide clients through the options and handle the final stages.


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Our Clients

Making hundreds of businesses better, big or small.


“Essential Designs was able to create a cutting edge application that will save lives, they always say "Anything can be done" and are definitely able to deliver on that promise.”

Jeff Hardy,
Teck Resources

"We’ve been engaged with Essential Designs for several years now and we’ve found that the value they deliver is significantly above everyone else that we deal with."

Rick Twaddle,
Schneider Electric

We are a company present in more than 150 countries..I was very happy with their efficiency..they were responsive and happy to make any changes that we required.

Kirill Kudymov,
Product Manager

"I had a lot of trust in them, everyone knew their job, and they worked very efficiently. ...the trust and communication skills were what distinguished them from their competitors.’’

Cristen Phipps,
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