A Brief Guide to Building an Engaging Website


Creating a website is easier than most assume. Creating a polished website with a flawless user experience design and functional web apps is comparably difficult. Fret not, as our application developers and business platform specialists are here to help. Below, we provide a quick look at how to build a truly engaging website.

Start by Embracing the Challenge

Building a website from scratch should not intimidate you. You can easily create a website that engages your online visitors in surprisingly little time. Invest yourself in this project or lean on the experts and you’ll provide your online visitors with an immersive site that inspires visitors to convert into paying clients who prove loyal for years to come. Building a website starts with a content management system such as Wix or WordPress. Research the many different options for creating a site, choose one accordingly and the stage will be set for your new website to make an indelible impact on all visitors.

Select the Domain Name

Your domain name is central to your site’s success. The domain name is the URL of the website, meaning the online address entered into the address bar to surf the web on over to your homepage. Think long and hard about the optimal domain name for your business before choosing one. The best domain names are easy to remember, relatively short and can be pronounced without difficulty. Above all, the domain name you select should relate to your business so it proves that much more memorable.

Be sure to choose an extension such as “.com” or “.org” that is recognizable and inspires trust as opposed to the comparably unprofessional “biz.” Purchase the domain name after verifying it is not taken and it will be yours. However, it must be noted the hosting company you select might also include a no-cost domain as a component of the overarching hosting plan so be sure to perform your due diligence before securing the domain name on your own.

Select the Hosting Plan

The hosting service provider stores the site you build on its server so it can be seen and accessed by web surfers. If you don’t plan on storing financial or personal data, a basic shared plan will suffice. Zero in on renewal costs, registration fees and the quality of technical support before committing to a hosting service provider.

Develop a Visual Identity

Take some time to brainstorm the design of your site. Think about the best images, colors and other visual components that will capture the attention of online visitors. Check out website templates such as those provided by Wix, take a look at the latest design trends and you will have a starting point in the context of your site’s aesthetics.

Prepare Content

Your site will need page content to complement the visual design. Brainstorm content for your homepage, service pages, contact page, blog and other components of the site. Optimize this content for search engines based on relevant keywords, key phrases and local identifiers and it will be that much easier to connect with your target audience.

Define the Sitemap

The sitemap is the schematic of the website’s architecture. The sitemap must include the pages you intend to create as well as the manner in which they connect. Plan out the sitemap ahead of time and you will have an overarching guide that facilitates site navigation, providing a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience. Each page should have a website menu to facilitate a smooth transition from one page to the next.

Brand the Site

Don’t forget to add your company’s logo to the homepage as well as other pages. Adding the logo to each page makes it that much easier for customers to remember your company, reinforcing its brand all the more.

Don’t Forget to add About Us and Contact Pages

Your About Us page is a golden opportunity to tell your company’s unique story and detail the merits of your unique value offering. Use the content management system to add this page along with a Contact page that provides your phone number, email address along with a contact form and the stage will be set for your business to convert visitors into paying customers.

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