A Fitness Mirror Can Foster the Desire to Work Out Daily

Everyone has seen deeply discounted treadmills or ellipticals for sale on the online want ads. They are only slightly used and were certainly bought with the best intentions. It’s a familiar story that exercise equipment is purchased, assuming it’ll be used all of the time. People believe there is no longer the deterrence of a trip to the gym, but it still isn’t used.

Fitness mirrors have turned that story on its head. All that was ever needed was some encouragement, interaction, and guidance. These components of fitness mirrors make them fun to use and use often while also not taking up substantial space in your home.

Names like Nordictrack, Proform, Tonal, and (the aptly named) Mirror, have been a massive success for two reasons; each is a mirror and content.

Mirrors Help Make for Great Workouts

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There’s a reason some gym areas have a tremendous amount of mirrors. People work out more and with better form when able to see themselves in a mirror. The benefits of using a mirror as part of your workout are:

  1. Your motivation gets a boost. Working out on that treadmill can get boring. Having a focal point that is you and seeing yourself in motion creates a feedback loop that motivates you even more.
  2. Form is improved when using a mirror. The ability to observe yourself during your workout results in better posture, alignment, and form more conducive to getting results. If you’re doing something wrong, you can see it.
  3. Injury risk is reduced. With better form comes a much-lowered risk of injury.
  4. We all like shiny things. No joke. Humans developed an affinity for shiny things as nomads because water shined and meant life. Mirrors brighten our spaces and make them more attractive.

A reflective surface makes the workout a positive experience that encourages working out. Still, before you go hang a standard mirror on the wall, that regular mirror is missing the true magic of mirrors of the high-tech variety; content.

Content Makes the Difference

Observing yourself and having a video of a professional trainer pushing you and helping you learn new ways to exercise takes working out to a whole new level. This isn’t the days of a workout DVD; it’s a whole new level of interaction.

 A list of all the benefits of a fitness mirror might be the way to go.

  1. Someone else is pushing you forward. An expertly produced video can be just as effective as a live trainer, if not more so in some ways. The video content is designed to motivate you and help you achieve your goals.
  2. New Workouts are Possible. Need to target a specific muscle group? Want to learn tai chi? There is probably a workout that fits what you want to learn or achieve, and the trainer guides you through the necessary form.
  3. They are fun. Seeing your workout results is a great confidence booster, but knowing you enjoyed the process is even better. The combination of a guide and the ability to observe yourself using great form and see the results makes using a mirror fun.
  4. They are convenient. A fitness mirror takes up little room, is there when you have 20 minutes to spare, and 20 minutes a day is all you need for a results-orientated workout. With so many working from home, your fitness mirror can be a great mid-day break. Besides, you have already been in your sweats all day and need an excuse for a shower.

 Fitness mirrors have changed the whole home workout dynamic. If you haven’t tried one, you likely have a friend who raves about theirs and uses it constantly. Your friends never raved about the treadmill they sold online for 75% off.

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