A New Tool To Explore the Evolution of the Earth: Google Earth Timelapse

Among the various issues facing modern society today, climate change is at the top of the list. Unfortunately, many people do not take climate change seriously. They may not be able to truly envision what it is doing to the planet. Now, Google Earth can help people see exactly what climate change is causing. Recently, Google Earth received its biggest update since 2017. Now, Google Earth is able to apply a time-lapse feature, allowing people to see how much the planet has changed in the past 37 years. The results are stunning.

Thanks to the new feature, it is possible for people to search just about anywhere on the planet. Thanks to tens of millions of satellite photos, it is possible for people to see what the planet looks like in the mid-1980s. Then, they can compare it to what it looks like today. It is also possible to see the effects of deforestation, urban expansion, and global warming on that specific region. In some areas of the planet, there are even bigger changes.

Loss of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil

One of the most interesting parts of the Google Earth time-lapse is the ability to see the effects of deforestation on the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Back in the 1980s, the area was almost entirely green. Sadly, there are multiple portions of the Amazon rainforest that have been completely deforested. The Amazon rainforest is an incredibly important ecosystem. Hopefully, people will see the impacts of climate change by taking a look at these satellite photos.

Glaciers Are Shrinking All Over the Globe

Another interesting portion of the Google Earth time-lapse involves shrinking glaciers. In 1984, there were enormous glaciers all over the Arctic and Antarctic areas. This includes the enormous Columbia Glacier in Alaska. Unfortunately, the Columbia Glacier is completely gone. Taking a look at the satellite photos today, the area has turned to water. It is possible to use Google Earth to take a look at other glaciers as well.

Mining Operations Have Taken Their Toll

In addition, mining operations have taken their toll. Using a specific category, it is possible to see the impact that mining operations have had on the planet. Back in 1984, enormous portions of Wyoming were essentially natural areas. Today, these areas have been completely changed due to mining operations and their side effects. It is clear that these mining operations have completely devastated the planet. Even though new regulations have been put in place, it is too late for some areas.

The Future of the Planet: Will Google Earth Play a Role?

Clearly, this is a powerful tool that has the potential to change how people view climate change. The question is, will this time-lapse feature from Google Earth help change the way people behave? It will be interesting to see how much people use this time-lapse feature from Google Earth. If people can see exactly what is happening to the planet, they may change their attitudes, behaviours, and actions.

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