ASP.NET Development Framework

The .Net framework is one of the pillars in the realm of software development and a tech-savvy team of .Net developers is one of the core assets of many software development companies.

Framework Features

  1. When engaged in the development for the .Net framework programmers mainly make use of C# andVB.Net, which are the key programming languages for the .Net framework. However, it provides a wide support for other .Net languages.
  2. CLR (Common Language Runtime) is a backbone for the .Net framework as it ensures code management in the runtime, enables memory management, remoting and enhanced security for a future app.
  3. Another element that lays the foundation for the development of an app, based on the .Net Framework, isBase Class Library (BCL). BCL is an object-oriented library, which helps .Net developers facilitate the implementation of a software product aimed at the .Net Framework. BCL allows .Net specialists to perform a myriad of the development tasks (database communication, UI development, file access etc.) as it provides easy-manageable types as well as enables software developers to make use of third-party components during the development for the .Net Framework.
During the process of app development .Net developers rely on Visual Studio, a common integrated development environment for the .Net platform.
Today Microsoft provides a variety of .Net tools to ensure fast development process for the Net. Framework, while a software specialist can choose the best-suited for them .Net technologies in order to customize their work.

What do Developers get?

  1. Snippet Compiler is a .Net development tool that enables compiling and running small pieces of code in order not to perform this task for the whole bulk of code when unnecessary.
  2. NUnit is a tool that ensures an optimized process of unit testing during the development for the .Net Framework.
  3. Regulator is an efficient tool that enables .Net developers to work with regular expressions.
  4. NAnt is a useful development tool for the .Net Framework as it allows creating processes for a software project, which facilitates the work, when there are several .Net developers engaged in the same project.
There is an avalanche of other powerful development tools for .Net developers to harness and ensure that the development process for the .Net Framework goes without a hitch.
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