Early Access to New Features Via Telegram’s New Premium Subscription. Plus Plenty of Perks!

Telegram officially launched its new premium subscription after weeks of anticipation since its announcement. The subscription will excite you if you are one of Telegram’s 700 million users. You can continue to enjoy your regular, free services, but if you wish to tap into any of the newest perks, you only need to pay a small fee. If you are not yet on this messaging platform, these features will entice you to jump on board.

Telegram’s Premium Services

Telegram is a popular, free messaging service that allows you to communicate with contacts cross-platform securely and privately. Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, confirms that users enjoying the essential functions and features of the app will not lose any of their privileges. Furthermore, he announced that free users will continue to see upgrades that enhance their experience. Yet, if you wish to take the app to the next level, you can anjoy the extra benefits for only $4.99 per month.

Double Your Limits

Any smart-device user knows capacity limits significantly diminish user satisfaction. Telegram’s free service caps groups and channels at 500, pinned chats at 5, public username links at 10, saved gifs at 200, and favorite stickers at 5. While this may be sufficient for some, others desire more freedom. Premium doubles those limits, supporting up to 1000 large groups and channels, 10 pinned chats, 20 public links, 400 saved gifs, and 10 favorite stickers.

Increase Your File Uploads

Sending documents, images, and videos can be frustrating over basic messengers. They simply cannot handle the size, forcing you to resort to other methods of sending files. Opting for Telegram Premium allows sending files up to 4GB at a time. They also provide subscribers with the speediest download speeds, letting you see files faster than ever before. In keeping with the free version, Telegram continues to offer unlimited storage space so you can always access important files and conversations.

Stay Organized

Organized communication spaces allow users to find duo or group chats immediately, stay on top of important conversations, and remember to stay in touch with loved ones. With Telegram Premium, you gain access to Chat Management tools. Open the app on a custom folder every time, view a list of unread messages, reorder your conversation list, pin up to 10 chats, and easily archive or mute chats from strangers.

Use Speech-to-Text

Social media is embracing speech-to-text features on audio recordings and videos, and Telegram is keeping up with the times. If you receive a voice message yet cannot listen, Telegram Premium can convert it right to text for you. This feature is more convenient in specific scenarios but also provides greater accessibility for hearing-impaired subscribers.

Enjoy All Channels Ad-Free

All telegram users appreciate that personal chats do not contain ads; however, they may find ads in public channels with more than 1000 subscribers bothersome. Fortunately, Telegram’s Premium users will not see these ads either. Enjoy easy scrolling!

Personalize More and More!

Customizing a chat is one of life’s small pleasures, and Telegram transforms that into full-fledged joy. You can access animated stickers, more saved stickers and gifs, more than 10 new emojis, new app icons for your home screen, special Premium badges for your username, and animated profile videos that move everywhere on the app.

New Features For Everyone

While Telegram’s Premium Subscription is undoubtedly the talk of the town, the messenger app also rolled out new features for free and premium users. All users can look forward to updates from join requests to public groups, to verification badges for public figures, to chat previews, to improved video and audio quality.

Try out Telegram Premium

Interested in premium-tier services from Telegram? All you need to do is download the latest update for your smart device (iPhone, iPad, Android) and purchase Telegram Premium from the in-app Settings screen! It will slowly roll out to more and more devices and operating systems.

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