Here’s Everything You Missed From Apple’s Latest Keynote Event

On September 7, Apple had its annual Keynote event. This event unveiled new hardware and software products, primarily focused on mobile devices and features. There were a ton of announcements, including new iOS software, a new line of iPhones, Apple Watch enhancements, better AirPods, and a completely revamped Apple Fitness+.

In all, the event was packed with information, so this is a quick breakdown of the most important news.

The New iPhone

As always, the September Keynote event unveiled a new model of iPhone. The series is up to the 14th version these days, and the latest and greatest have some interesting improvements.

The iPhone 14 and iPhone Pro 14 are both bolder, faster, and better across the board. One of the most notable improvements is in battery life, with the iPhone Pro Max now getting up to 29 hours of video playback on a single charge.

The new iOS is also rife with reimagined safety features. The phones can detect when you are in a car crash and immediately call 911 for you. The phones also have satellite texting that can reach emergency services no matter where you are in the world.

Dynamic Island

The biggest new software feature for iOS is the Dynamic Island. This is a new take on multitasking for the iPhone. You can customize a banner at the top of your phone that can handle all kinds of controls for the phone, making it easy to run tasks without changing apps.

The New Apple Watch

The iPhone isn’t the only revamped system. Apple announced improvements for two models of the Apple Watch while unveiling a third option.


The Apple Watch Ultra is the latest in the line of smartwatches. It’s designed specifically for outdoor and rugged activities. It’s tougher than any other version and is “made to withstand extreme conditions.”

There are specialized bands that enable it to survive water sports and all kinds of outdoor adventures. If you want a watch that can push the limits with you, this is the one.

Series 8

Meanwhile, the Series 8 saw a round of upgrades. It now has temperature sensing that helps it track physiological cycles and monitor your health. It also enjoys the new crash detection and safety improvements that were incorporated into the iPhone 14.


The SE was not forgotten in all of this. It is still the most affordable model of Apple Watch, and they lowered the price from the previous year. It’s available in new styles and colors, and the sensors in the watch have been upgraded for better health and fitness insights. 

The new dual-core processor is also designed to improve speed and performance with this watch model.

New AirPods

The last major hardware announcement involved the AirPods Pro. They have been completely reengineered. According to the Apple team, the AirPods feature better audio and enhanced noise cancellation.

They also added something called Adaptive Transparency, which is designed to let through the sounds that you want while canceling out everything else.

The AirPods Pro also saw a battery upgrade. You can now use them for six continuous hours on a single charge.

Apple Fitness+

The last thing to discuss is Apple Fitness+. It has been completely revamped. You can access virtually endless fitness content with onscreen coaching, timers, and other resources. You can watch fitness recordings or participate in live virtual classes.

Best of all, it’s available for all iPhone users. As long as you have an iPhone, you can subscribe and access everything. Many fitness features also incorporate Apple Watch, Apple TV, and other hardware resources, but the new Fitness+ is centered around the iPhone.



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