How Much Does it Cost to Build an App?

What will it cost to make my App?


At Essential Designs, this is always one of the first questions we get, and one of the hardest ones to answer right away. To avoid being right out of the ballpark, we need to define as precisely as possible what you are looking for in order to give you a good estimate.   Cost of an App Infographic Sometimes there is an off-the-shelf or open-source module that we can use as part of your custom app, saving dozens of programming hours. Sometimes, someone has what seems like a relatively straightforward idea, but the functionality is more complex than it looks on the surface. The App business is rapidly evolving, with constant upgrades to Android and iOS platforms, and many trends to keep track of. Some changes make things easier, others make them harder. The good news is that some recent innovations in programming, particularly “responsive design” can allow one app to be designed for multiple platforms, saving thousands of dollars.

How to get an accurate quote on your app

Fuzzy ideas lead to very fuzzy prices, while a clear idea of what you are aiming for can allow us to give you a good concrete quote. We can work with you through your vision and clarify what you see as essential vs “nice to have”. With a clear idea of what you want your app to do, who it is built for, what features are important, how you want it to look, and what other data sources or APIs it must interact with, Essential Designs can come up with an accurate range of where your App would fall for cost.  From there we can move to a more detailed design and a concrete and competitive price for you that will deliver your app on time and on a budget that works for you. With our extensive experience based on building hundreds of Apps and in-house shop of senior coders, Essential Designs can often build high quality, dependable Apps for much less than competing companies. We work hard to stay on top of the trends and changes in the industry that make things more efficient and cost-effective. We also can use our depth of in-house experience – working hard to make sure our quotes are as competitive as possible without compromising quality and reliability. Leveraging our experience, we can often bring the customer a quote tens of thousands of dollars less than competing companies.

Understanding the trade-offs

We have been building apps since 2008 and many of our coders and programmers have been with us for years. Quality and dependability are essential to every product we make.  You may be able to get a lower quote from a shop of free-lancers who may be gone should you need upgrades or bug fixes. At Essential Designs, we have always been there for our customers to upgrade, add new features, or new technology to the Apps we have built. [We also frequently work to fix the bug in or upgrade Apps where the client can no longer find the coders who built it for them.] Our prices are always inclusive of thorough testing so that you can be sure your product will work as expected from day one. Your quote also includes uploading to the Apple and/or Android stores, or your designated server as appropriate. At Essential Designs, our custom built applications range from just under $10,000 up to over $100,00, with most falling towards the middle of that scale. Essential Designs is a company with a strong client base and a long track record. We are not planning to go anywhere. We have the experience and the project management team to ensure your project stays on track, on-budget, and you get the product that you envisioned. If you have an idea for an Android, iOS, or Web-based Application, Essential Designs would be happy to talk to you about making your vision a reality.

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