Is it time to App-ify your business?

Build  A Company App?

Build your business by connecting with your customers like never before. How do you make yourself indispensable to your customers? How do you create value that they will pay for again and again? Every business owner is asking themselves some form of these questions. According to Scott Jackson, President of Essential Designs, Apps are becoming a core part of some business models. “We are seeing some brilliant ideas these days. Apps are not just games or tools – they are a whole new marketing channel unto themselves and established businesses are realizing they have to be active in this area if they are going to keep up with, or get ahead of the competition.” Some of the brilliant ideas for Apps from businesses and entrepreneurs we have worked on include:

  • Providing tourists & travellers with timely information and discounts.
  • Allowing industrial customers to order new supplies from the field or shop floor, incorporating measurements from their phones.
  • Turbo-charging booking systems by integrating the booking system with the marketing system
  • Allowed brokers to get multiple quotes from their desk, up-sell, and get training to upgrade their qualifications
  • Connect those in need of a professional with the best professionals
  • Vastly improving physical training programs with photographic and video analysis, allowing coaches to better coach and explain to their clients how to improve
  • Allowing clients to pull and analyze up to the minute industry data, such as stock prices or machinery performance.
If customers can book an appointment with you, order a meal or snack, get new construction materials, or other products directly from you for timely delivery, or get the information they need when they need it, they will be loyal customers. The easy payments and timely reminders that Apps can offer will make you a happy business owner.
Strategy 1: Build a company App for your customers before your competitors do. Strategy 2: Build a company App better than your competitors – an app that provides more value.

One of places Apps are seeing the strongest growth is in the B2B space, where connecting data, supplies, knowledge and customers is the underlying core business model. Entrepreneurs also have the vision and freedom to connect different businesses and suppliers into one full service application that does a lot for their suppliers. The right application can bring you closer to your clients, and scale to serve new clients, especially if they are designed to be their own marketing channel. Through a central admin dashboard, Apps can also give you feedback on how they are valued, and how your customers use them. You can track which promotions are most effective, or what information your customers are most interested in, and replicate the success. Analytics like this can give you an invaluable edge on the competition. Apps are not just for the “big guys” any more. In fact, agile entrepreneurs close to their customers can often build better apps faster, putting them on a level playing field with industry giants. Building a custom application may not be the ideal thing for every business, but if you have a broad client base that you want to keep happy, informed and connected to, an App may be the thing to give you the edge on the competition, and expand to new customers.

But what do Apps cost?

“What does it cost” is the second, if not the first question on the mind of every business owner every time they hear a new idea. In the Application Development business, declining costs for custom built Apps are another reason the timing may be right for some businesses to consider building a Custom App to connect with their customers. More open source or inexpensive modules are increasingly available, and programmers are getting more efficient now that they have a few years experience building Apps. Something as core as a shopping cart or loyalty program used to take hundreds of hours of programming, but now incorporating elements like this into a custom app can be done with a dozen hours or less of programming. In the past, a choice often had to be made between Android or Apple, or bearing the cost of creating both. Now, newer Cross-platform programming languages like React Native mean you can design one app for both Android and iOS. Depending on your needs, and your customers needs, Entrepreneurs can now build apps that used to cost up to a million dollars for more in the tens of thousands of dollars range. At Essential Designs, we have been building Apps since 2008, and our team of experienced senior programmers prides itself on delivering quality apps on time and on budget. Apps: When customers have you in their pocket, you have them in your pocket!

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