Is the New iPhone 12 Worth the Investment?

Recently, Apple released its new iPhone 12. In addition to the typical fanfare that always comes with a new announcement from Apple, many people are clamoring to learn more about the MagSafe feature that is the hallmark of the new iPhone 12 and are trying to figure out if the new iPhone is worth the investment.

The MagSafe Feature

MagSafe doubles the power throughput of the standard wireless charging feature on iPhones. Furthermore, there is also a magnetic snap on the back of the phone, similar to the Apple Watch charger. With this new magnet, people will be able to attach the iPhone 12 to a litany of other accessories as well. Many people are wondering if they might be able to use their iPhone to reverse-charge other accessories, such as the popular AirPod headphones, that people can use with Samsung Galaxy phones.

At the same time, it is important for people to be cognizant of using the MagSafe charger too close to credit cards. Anything that has a magnetic strip on Applet, such as radio chips, hotel room keys, and credit cards, might be damaged by the powerful MagSafe feature on the iPhone 12.

Clearly, the MagSafe feature is one of the biggest developments when it comes to the iPhone 12. There are an array of recycled magnets that are centered surrounding a charging coil that is able to pull up to 15 watts of power. This is twice the amount of power that other wireless chargers were able to pull in the past. When users bring the charging end of the power cord close enough to the back of the iPhone 12, these magnets are going to physically pull the charging cord into place. Then, the iPhone will let the user know that the MagSafe feature has been locked into place.

Other New Features of the iPhone 12

In addition to the magnetic charging feature, there are some other new features with the iPhone 12 as well. Some of the other features to note include:

  • The iPhone 12 comes in five different colors including black, white, green, blue, and red
  • The iPhone 12 features an OLED display, which is a significant upgrade over the LCD display of the iPhone 11.
  • The iPhone 12 is completely flat with no raised buttons.
  • The iPhone 12 has major upgraded camera capabilities, particularly with the Pro model. There is a larger image sensor, a fourth telephoto camera that can capture objects that are farther away, and a powerful focal length.  

Importantly, the iPhone 12 is also going to feature Next Generation 5G cellular connectivity. As a result, the iPhone 12 is going to be able to tap into high-speed wireless networks that are not available to the iPhone 11. Due to all of these upgrades, it is clear that the iPhone 12 is going to be worth the investment.

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