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We build incredible web and mobile applications. From simple to complex, data-driven or consumer projects, we are highly experienced at delivering results.

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Our Clients

Making hundreds of businesses better, big or small.


“Essential Designs was able to create a cutting edge application that will save lives, they always say "Anything can be done" and are definitely able to deliver on that promise.”

Jeff Hardy,
Teck Resources

"We’ve been engaged with Essential Designs for several years now and we’ve found that the value they deliver is significantly above everyone else that we deal with."

Rick Twaddle,
Schneider Electric

We are a company present in more than 150 countries..I was very happy with their efficiency..they were responsive and happy to make any changes that we required.

Kirill Kudymov,
Product Manager

"I had a lot of trust in them, everyone knew their job, and they worked very efficiently. ...the trust and communication skills were what distinguished them from their competitors.’’

Cristen Phipps,
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We are Calgary’s Experienced Web App and Software Developers


The functionality of a web app or software refers to its ability to perform the intended tasks and meet user requirements effectively. It involves designing and implementing features that provide value and solve problems for the users. The core functionality should be robust, reliable, and well-tested to ensure a smooth user experience.

Usability Experience

Usability focuses on how easily users can interact with the web app or software. It involves designing intuitive interfaces, navigation systems, and interactions that are easy to use. Consider factors such as information architecture, clear labeling and accessibility to make the application user-friendly and accessible to a wide range of users.


Performance plays a crucial role in providing a satisfying user experience. A web app or software should be responsive, fast, and able to handle user interactions without significant delays or glitches. Optimize the codebase, minimize loading times, and ensure smooth transitions and interactions to deliver a seamless experience.


Security is essential in web app and software development to protect user data and ensure privacy. Implement robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information, such as encryption, secure authentication, and access control. Regularly updating vulnerabilities to prevent access and maintain the trust of users.

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The Essential Process of Web, App and Software Development



At the start of each project, we work with our customers to build a solid project plan. The initial scope document can come from the client or a combined process of phone calls and in-person meetings.



Once the project plan and scope have been finalized, our wireframe team takes over to determine the placement of all objects on each page of the application, whether it is a consumer mobile app or a backend business application.



This is an exciting stage of the project where you can see the entire application come to life. We will provide you with clickable versions to fully experience everything the user goes through before we begin coding.



As an Agile development shop, we break down the project into baskets of features called Sprints. This approach allows our customers to regularly review the progress of their software development process and provide feedback at the end of each spring.



The testing process is a crucial step in ensuring that the product is functional, reliable, and user-friendly. The goal is to detect and correct any issues before the application is released, ultimately improving the user experience and ensuring the success of the product.



After the application is completed, approved by our internal QA, project management and the client - we are ready to deploy the code to its final destination. Hosting options vary from client owned servers to web or cloud hosting.

Web App and Software Development

What is Essential For a Great Web or Mobile App

Experienced team of developers, full-time UI/UX Designer, technical director, project managers, and sales staff.

Business web app and native apps tailored to your needs and target demographic.

Custom business app reduces costs, boosts productivity, and enhances communication with employees and customers.

We specialize in building applications for clients with internal purposes, ensuring privacy and effective staff communication.

Our team can create applications tailored to your specific goals, whether it's for private data management, staff communication, or public distribution to generate revenue.

We provide guidance and support in setting up your own accounts on Apple App Store and Google Play, enabling you to manage revenue collection and successfully launch your app on the app stores.

Our Calgary web app developers are proficient in multiple programming languages, providing clients with a wide range of options for building applications with specific functions and requirements.

We avoid traditional app development packages to ensure unique features and minimize bugs. We work closely with each client to understand their needs, develop tailored solutions, and create a project scope that maximizes the potential of the final web app.

Our team comprises the best senior programmers and developers, guaranteeing that clients can achieve their desired outcomes and get the most out of their envisioned applications built from scratch.

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Let’s Work Together

Our success in collaborating with clients is determined by effective communication, mutual understanding, and a shared commitment to achieving goals.