Impulse Prevention for Online Shoppers

For all the spend-aholics over the next couple days might want to take a look at this. If you’re like me, you’ll want to check out Icebox, from the site, which promises to help with impulse purchases by making the user — *dramatic pause*— think about their purchase.

Icebox is a Chrome plugin, which replaces the ‘Buy’ buttons found on over 400 e-commerce sites with one of its own design. When pressed, it holds the purchase for a pre-defined period of time, forcing you to ask yourself “do I really need this?

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It’s a handy little plug-in, although you may want to disable it for big sale events, or on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where the deals are ephemeral and disappear in seconds.

Overall if you tend to make a lot of late night impulse purchases (aka the 3am nutri-bullet double pack I picked up from the post office last week) it could save you a decent whack of cash throughout the rest of the year.


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Honey is another Chrome extension designed to find any available coupon code to apply to your online purchase.

Searching for online coupon codes can be an extremely tedious task, with spam bots flooding google that don’t even carry a relevant code (or it has already expired).  Enter Honey!  With one click, Honey will scan through any possible coupon code posted for your purchase, and if available or applicable, will automatically apply the coupon to your purchase, saving you countless dollars (and hours coupon hunting).


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