Honeywell’s web-based software was developed by Essential Designs to manage the generation of license keys associated with their products. The keys themselves had to be fully encrypted, and the platform was to be used by countless employees in offices around the world. 99.9% uptime was a major factor for the platform as the key generation is a critical business process. The responsive, web-based design implementation had to be cross-platform compatible and in line with brand rules for Honeywell internationally.





Honeywell is an American multinational company that invents and manufactures technologies that address some of the world’s most critical challenges around safety, security, productivity, and energy. Honeywell required a web-based software system. The system is designed to automate the generation of license keys for their products.

Essential Designs created a license key encryption software platform. The platform is accessed remotely by Honeywell staff across their UK offices. The software project itself has been a major success with nearly zero downtime over multiple years of service.

Ongoing enhancement requests and full support have been provided by Essential Designs. A high volume of data storage along with the encrypted functions have all operated without any security issues or data slowdowns despite daily high-volume use by Honeywell employees.

Final Product



A platform where users and other app officials can manage the data, access and content creation.