Business Goals

Teck Resources Limited, known as Teck Cominco until late 2008, is a Canadian metals and mining company. Canada’s largest diversified resources company, it was formed from the amalgamation of Teck and Cominco in 2001. Teck needed a responsive web-based application built with automated safety check features for workers on-site.

Responsive web-based application and forms system

About The Project

In this new web-based application to automate safety systems, Teck creates contractors, then attaches each one to an EHSC safety form for on-site work. Once the contractor fills out the form, it is sent to approvers for review. The system gives approvers the ability to approve or reject forms instantaneously. Enabling this process to move quickly while people are on-site saves time and money, increasing overall efficiency.


Essential Designs was able to take a tedious, manual forms-based process that slowed down production and automate it, increasing efficiency through custom software accessible by limitless employees. The web-based app lives in the cloud and is responsive design, meaning onsite workers can easily access and fill out important information.

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