ReactNative for Mobile Web Development

Have you chosen the right technology?

Making the right decision when choosing a programming and developing language for an application can oftentimes determine failure or success. If you are looking into developing a new iOS, Android, or web-based application, working with a team of highly skilled and senior professionals is ideal. At EssentialDesigns, our programmers and developers are thoroughly versed in various languages while also having the ability to work with native coding using React Native. Understanding whether or not React Native is right for your project is the first step when moving forward in the development of your idea.

Advantages of React Native

React Native was originally introduced by the team from Facebook in order to help smooth operations for developers who were seeking unique, yet functional platforms to work with when designing and launching new apps into the marketplace. React Native offers an array of benefits and advantages, including the ability to work with familiar CSS and HTML-style layouts when coding and creating new developments within an application.


Additionally, React Native also works with ReactJS, or React JavaScript, giving developers even more flexibility when creating new features and functions on the user end of the application. Another benefit of React Native is the open source access that is widely available to developers and programmers. Having a plethora of resources readily available is highly beneficial to expedite the process of development while finding any answers needed to meet a client’s needs.


Is React Native Right for Your Project?


For those who are unfamiliar with React Native or the most popular programming languages used within apps today, our team at EssentialDesigns is available to help navigate the entire process. Making a decision regarding the languages used when developing your application or software should be done with a thorough explanation of each choice and why the method was selected. While React Native is an optimal choice for many businesses on the market today, it may not be right for you based on your app’s needs and the type of information or products you wish to share with your users. While React Native is becoming a growing choice when programming both iOS and Android applications, it is also lacking in documentation due to its rapid speed of growth in popularity due to its open source. Because React Native is still on the rise in terms of popularity and usage, coding is always changing and being updated consistently, which is why it may be for some projects to incorporate it. Working together with our senior programers and developers at EssentialDesigns is a way to feel more confident when moving forward with the development of your application, even if you do not have previous experience within the industry yourself. heartreact

Our Experience With React Native


Essential Designs has built an iOS and Android mobile application for many clients in React Native, which is designed for field reps to report data back to head office. We have experience with building and launching hundreds of applications using both Android and iOS operating systems, giving our team a competitive advantage when programming and executing projects from the ground up. Meta-Description: Our team of Senior Programmers is experienced with React Native. Is React Native a good option for the project you envision? Essential Designs would be happy to discuss the options with you.

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