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Scope Template: Build Your Scope Document

With over 15 years of web, mobile application, and software development projects under our belts, we are here to help you start planning your next project. Download our Scope Template to get started!

Scope Document

At Essential Designs, we field calls daily from customers with great ideas, but they’re unsure how to move forward and implement their vision.  How do you take a mobile app from concept – to a detailed quote – to production – to end product?

The most important starting point, in our opinion, is to dive into building your Scope Document. Some call it a Scope of Work or a Scope Statement. At its core, it is simply a document that describes your project in as much detail as possible. Don’t let your level of technical expertise become a roadblock – your development team just needs to understand in layman’s terms exactly what you want to build.

You can simply start writing – start penning down in as much detail as you can muster – everything you want your app to do, how it should work for a user, and any special details you have in mind. The goal is to type up a document as if you are trying to explain to someone what your idea is, who has no idea or prior knowledge on your idea or vision.  You need to communicate with that person in as much detail as possible. It’s going to be more helpful than broad-stroke concepts.  All of the small ideas add up to the larger vision, capturing as many nooks and crannies as possible that need to be exposed.

Download our scope template below to create a detailed outline of how your project should be built and supported in order to fast track your way to a successful product! If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 778-229-1435.

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