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AWS Integration – Amazon Web Services

While Amazon is one of the largest retailers around the globe, it offers much more than just the ability to purchase items and have them arrive the next day. Amazon Web Services, also known as AWS, offer a secure cloud-based server solution that is optimal for individuals who are looking to grow and scale their businesses. Understanding what Amazon has to offer and the advantages of using AWS is highly advisable before choosing which server solution is right for your project.

Pay Only for What You Need

While many other hosting companies and server solutions require upfront costs, contractual agreements, or set pricing, AWS Integration allows users to “pay as you go” for only the services you need. Even if you rapidly begin gaining additional traffic and quickly need to scale up, avoid being locked into a new contract or breaking old contractual agreements with your current hosting company with the use of AWS.

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Scale With Ease

With the ability to pay only for what you need, scale your website or business without the hassles of upgrading manually or seeking out alternate hosting providers. AWS Integration is an optimal “all in one” solution that is ideal for those who are interested in launching and growing a business but prefer working on delivering products, services, and content over managing the backend and hosting of the final product itself. Amazon Web Services makes upgrading to a new package and plan seamless, allowing you to utilize the resources you require on a whim, even when your growth is viral or comes unexpectedly.

Trusted, Reliable and Secure

Security is one of the most important aspects to consider whether you are developing an online community, a new webpage, or even a mobile application for both Android and iOS. With Amazon Web Services, feel at ease with advanced encryption techniques, broad security certification, and extensive IT support that is readily available whenever you are in need of help and assistance. Because of the scalability and reliability, some of today’s major tech players are using AWS Integration on their backend, including Pinterest and Reddit.

Analytic Tools

One of the biggest features AWS offers is a myriad of analytic tools and in-depth reports. Having the ability to view traffic and usage data related to your servers in addition to any and all web pages or applications you launch is a must whether you are managing a start-up or growing an existing business. Analytic reports provide the necessary insight to help with making the right decisions when moving forward with a path for your business or brand in the future. Learn more about your web traffic along with how your bandwidth is utilized with Amazon’s fully-integrated analytics.

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Developer Tools

If you are searching for a hosting solution that is not only intuitive and easy to use for yourself, but also beneficial for your developers, Amazon Web Services is one of the best options available. Providing developers with a library of tools and options to help with managing your website’s load as well as the delivery of content, services, and the applications you have created, streamline your developers’ efforts. AWS offers mobile, web, and even VR integration options. At Essential Designs, we enjoy working with Amazon as it allows us to quickly dive into just about any web or mobile-based project, regardless of its size.

If you have an interest in Amazon Web Services, inquire about your options on how we can integrate this service for your next project. Contact us to learn more about how you can truly put AWS to work for you whether you are developing a mobile application, a website, or even a new game.

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