Android Application Development

Android App development at Essential Designs: we can take your vision for an Android App and make it real. Our team of senior coders have developed hundreds of Android Apps. Call us today for a quote!

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Android App Developers

Are you looking to get started with an Android application for your brand or business? Our experienced team of Android App developers is ready to help you bring your vision to fruition with our senior programming and development team here at Essential Designs. While there is certainly a rise in app development in the market today, we understand what it takes to bring your idea to life while ensuring proper coding, functionality, and appealing UX/UI. Choosing the right Android developer is not always easy, but here at Essential Designs we guarantee satisfaction and work with only the very best in the industry. Contact our team in Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto to discuss your Android app development project.

Android Development    

Building the best mobile application for your niche is extremely appealing to many companies and entrepreneurs today. Having the ability to reach thousands, if not millions of potential consumers with your products, services, or new technology is a way to boost your professional reputation while generating more reach in less time. With Essential Designs, we are here to guide you through the process of creating the app or software you need, from start to finish. Whether you are interested in new technology for an existing application on the market or an entirely new way to put apps to use, our programmers and developers are ready to take on the task.

Android app developers

Android Developers: We Build Amazing Mobile Apps

Our team of professional programmers and developers understand current web standards and native coding when working with Android applications and new software development. Choosing the right language for your project is determined by your needs as well as various functions you are looking to implement in your final release.

Working together with our highly specialized and experienced team across our Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto offices allows you to focus on other aspects of growing your business, brand, and the application you have in mind while feeling reassured that your final product meets current coding and marketplace standards of acceptance. We understand the intense competition within the app marketplace today, and we will work to boost your application’s overall performance to enhance visibility and increase potential downloads and future revenue (based on the application you are seeking to develop).

Android App Developers

Native Device Features

Android offers a plethora of beautiful, functional native device features that you can take advantage of with your app. You can download an Android app to your phone and tablet sure, but device types are increasing to include your watch or tv, and even a car. Some native device features available to Android app developers to work with include: interactivity via swiping, tapping, pinching, reverse pinching, and a virtual keyboard home screen is similar to Windows Desktop, which allows for app icons, widgets, screen themes & customization. Other features include the display of auto-updating content like email, news, or weather. Filing systems are one of the larger Android advantages over iOS, and allow a user to work with files, opening them in the app of their choice.

Responsive Design In Android

Implementing responsive design in your Android app or software as part of app development is imperative in order to properly appeal to a larger audience or demographic, regardless of the device they choose to view your product or application in. Whether your users are often utilizing tablets or traditional smartphones, responsive design is a way to truly reach all potential users and customers you are targeting.

Android and React Native

Focusing on native programming is ideal when seeking to solely enter the Android marketplace, allowing for smoother app operations and abilities. With a professional senior programming and development team on your side, you can ensure your application is properly completed and functions exactly how you planned. If you are interested in discussing your Android development project get in touch with us at our Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto office.

Open Source

Android has been developed with the help of the Linux community, which is an open-source playground for developers. Over 300 software, hardware, and mobile carrier partners have attributed to the success and growth of Android development. With the ability for developers to collaborate, open source technology has the ability to continuously evolve and improve at a decidedly faster rate than proprietary software.

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Android Marketplace

One of the big advantages of developing an Android app is the speed of delivery to the Google Play marketplace. When submitting a new application to the iTunes store, the approval process is extremely stringent, with a very specific list of rules on what they will and will not accept. Additionally, because this approval process is so diligent, after submitting an app approval can take months to achieve.

Contrastingly, when submitting an app to the Android application marketplace, you simply submit the app, choose your price and voila. Your app is immediately available to the global market. There are currently over 1.5 billion downloads a month from Google Play.

Android App Developers in Vancouver, Calgary & Toronto

At Essential Designs, our team of Android App Developers is constantly creating Amazing Android apps that offer top user experiences. Some examples include creating Android Apps for Tourism agencies in small towns, and integrated food ordering and a delivery system (Uber for food!), We also distribute data in the event of emergencies, and apps that work in the field to connect employees to company information and databases. Learn more about Android development by reaching out to either our Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto office.

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