Expert PHP Development

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Expert PHP Developers

PHP is one of the most versatile and general programming languages that allow individuals to create a variety of applications. Creating software and applications requires more than an idea and a bundled package of software, at least for those who are seeking the best quality and functionality possible. At Essential Designs, we are experts in PHP development, and will always choose the right tools for the job in order to provide the best possible outcome for any project. When you have a project in mind and you are unsure of which language it should be coded in, contact our team of senior developers and programmers today to determine if PHP and MySQL may work for you.

Custom PHP Programming

Using PHP and MySQL together is an ideal method of creating a solidly developed framework that is suitable for all types of customers and clients. If you are looking to build a PHP application from scratch or if you have a PHP project already developed, our team of professional developers and programmers are up to the task.

Using PHP within a Linux-based environment offers a myriad of benefits, including low application hosting fees which can ultimately drag a company down if costs become too high. Pairing PHP with languages such as Perl, or JavaScript, while also running Cron Jobs is a way to make your project as efficient as possible. Having the ability to implement multiple languages with your app’s development is ideal if you are seeking a solution that is intricate, functional, and offers unique features or capabilities.

PHP Consultants

At Essential Designs, we only work with the very best senior programmers and developers to ensure our clients’ satisfaction and happiness at all times. Our PHP consultants are available to walk you through various options, programming languages, and what each solution means to you and the final outcome of the app or software you have in mind. If you are unsure of whether or not PHP is the right language for your next venture, contact us today to learn more and get started with our PHP Development team.

PHP Development

Our PHP developers have worked on hundreds of apps, with extensive industry experience creating iOS, Android, and web-based applications. Understanding a few of the advantages of utilizing PHP is a great way to grasp your full abilities prior to moving forward with your next project.

Advantages of Developing with PHP
1. Coding Speed: With PHP, utilize different frameworks such as Zend, Yii, CodeIgniter, and CakePHP to optimize the speed of the development process, allowing you to keep on track with any time frame you have set for your project.
2. Openly Available: PHP is free, easily accessible, and available for use by anyone without requiring you to expand your budget or seek out additional licenses for your software or application.
3. Community Assistance: Because PHP is a free open source language, there are thousands of resources available online along with community efforts for problem-solving and assistance during and after development.
4. Low Cost & Versatile Hosting: While PHP offers simplistic and affordable hosting on Linux Servers (which is ideal in the application industry), it can also be run properly on a Windows-based server as well.
5. Language Similarity: PHP is also quite similar to other programming languages, keeping it versatile while allowing programmers and developers from all different backgrounds to jump in and work on a PHP-project without hesitation or potential confusion.

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