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HTML5 Developers

While HTML is known as the cornerstone of programming and coding on the web, HTML5 is now the choice for professionals looking to develop new and improved experiences within web applications or smartphone apps. HTML5 is, in many ways, similar to traditional HTML from the past–however, there are many new methods to program and various strict standards that programmers must abide by when using the language. Our team of HTML5 developers and senior programmers work in conjunction with CSS3 to bring our clients the most attractive, reliable, and unique results when placing a new app on the marketplace or seeking new ways to reach potential customers for their own businesses and brands.

CSS3 Programming

At Essential Designs, our programming and development teams utilize today’s top coding practices and standards to ensure smooth sailing whenever they are working to develop a new project or type of software. With our team of CSS3 developers, enjoy beautifully functional results for your software or web application. The use of CSS3 allows our programmers and designers to incorporate stunning graphic appeal while also maintaining smooth functionality and the ability to use the software’s interface and user-end effortlessly. Following strict coding requirements and abiding by today’s traditional standards, the final outcome of any software project is always guaranteed to impress our clients.

Advantages of Developing with HTML5 and CSS3

1. Responsive Design: It is hard to speak enough about how powerful this concept is on the web. Being able to scale and resize your website or web applications based on the device resolution is made possible with CSS3. It can be utilized with almost any programming language but its common partner is HTML5. Ask us how our expert HTML5 Developers can implement this for your project.

2. Multimedia: Until now, use of media-rich applications on the web generally required Flash or Silverlight. Both of these options do not work well with mobile devices if at all in most cases. HTML5 is a solution that allows for video, audio animation and more to create high-quality web experiences. All done in a standard which is allowed on every PC, Mac or mobile device on the market. We are a team of HTML5 developers in Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary for any web project.

3. Geolocation Support: As we move more and more to mobile devices, users have built-in GPS and wireless connections that can aid in pinpointing their physical location. Locations of users can be easily integrated into web applications to enrich the user experience by connecting to users with nearby waypoints. This has generally been accomplished with custom mobile applications which allow you to tie in directly to native mobile device functions, but HTML5 allows for geolocation support through the browser.

4. Offline Application Cache: When a user is disconnected from the internet, their browsing experience or web application use is interrupted. There is always a portion of the page left in the browser cache, but not all of the site would be accessible. With HTML5 we can be selective in assigning which portions of the site the browser should cache. This can allow for an offline experience with web applications that were not possible before.

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