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Java Developers

Developing a website is no longer limited to traditional HTML and CSS, especially with the advent of smartphone technology, social media, and even eCommerce stores. Choosing the right language to develop your website in greatly depends on the purpose of your site and the various features or functions you want to implement into the final version before going live. When integrating Java into a project, our team of experienced senior-level Java Developers has you covered.

The syntax of Java is extremely simple for most programmers, as it is based on the same language of C++ (a standard programming language for most engineers and developers). There is also not a need to manually remove unreferenced objects in any page or file as Java has an “Automatic Garbage Collection” feature which is ideal for optimization and organization during the programming process. With a simple interface and easy features, it is not shocking that Java remains as a leading developing language.

Platform Flexibility

Software-based platforms such as Java include two components; Runtime environment, and an API (Application Programming Interface). With the ability to run Java on various operating systems such as Windows, Mac/OS, Linux, and even Sun Solaris, it is a preferred programming language for ease of use and access. It is also possible to run Java on multiple platforms simultaneously, which is appealing to Java developers who prefer working on different operating systems.


Java’s main draw is often its ability to move from one platform to another without hassle. Having the ability to integrate Java’s scripts and functions into different platforms regardless of the operating system you are working with is optimal for developers who prefer flexibility in their work. Using Java on different platforms helps create any script or function without seeking an alternative language or solution to get the job done.


Because Java is one of the largest and most robust programming languages,  it is also one of the safest and most secure languages to use during development. Java developers utilize programs and scripts that are executed on virtual sandboxes, helping to eliminate the risk of a potential security or data breaches.

Java has a “class holder” which adds security to scripts by separating packages for classes of local file systems from other files which are imported from outside network (3rd party) sources. A Bytecode Verifier is also used to help verify that any code that is being used is legal and does not violate any access to objects. Using a security manager alongside Java can help to determine which resources and files a specific class is capable of accessing such as “reading”, “writing”, and “executable” permissions.

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Custom Java Development

While it is not always necessary to use Java when building a website or an eCommerce site from the ground up, implementing Java solutions is a surefire way to stand out among competition while leaving a lasting impression on your visitors. With unique and individualized Java functions and scripts, showcase your brand and the products, services, or content you produce in a way that is easy to access, appealing, and memorable. If you are unsure of where you begin with the development of your website and the type of Java features to integrate, consider working with our professional team of designers and developers to get started.

Understanding the significance of Java is essential when you have an interested in learning more about programming and how it has evolved to today. When you have an idea of the scripts, plugins, and functions you desire for your website, contact us to learn more about how we can help to begin moving forward to bring any project you envision to fruition.

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