Swift & Objective-C

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Swift & Objective C Programmers

Developing an iOS application is much more intense and arduous than simply pressing a few buttons before going live. Selecting the ideal programming language for the future of any app is a crucial step our team of experienced Swift Objective C Programmers takes to ensure the outcome of your finished product is capable of true success, especially in the ever-changing world of application development. Understanding both Objective-C and Swift languages along with the pros and cons of each is essential to find the programming team that is best for your future endeavors.

Swift and Objective C Programming

Objective-C is a general programming language that was developed from the classical “C” language, utilized for Apple’s iOS and Mac OS X. It is a widely popular object-oriented language, and includes encapsulation, polymorphism, data hiding, and inheritance as its core foundation, solidifying it as an object-oriented language. While Swift, on the other hand, is also a general purpose programming language for iOS, it is also considered multi-paradigm and is showing increasing usage within the app market due to its simplistic nature that still allows for beautiful, engaging, and compact creations.

Swift vs. Objective-C

While Swift is a great language to help boost total memory function within your app’s code, many APIs are still using C, which makes Objective-C a useful and seamless language to integrate into many projects, even if the coding is a bit more strenuous to check and verify at each corner. Currently, Swift can be used on iOS 7+, Mac OS 10.9+, WatchOS, and tvOS, whereas Objective-C must be used for any versions lower than 7+ and 10.9 (which should be considered before making your decision).

Before choosing a language that is right for you, speak with your current team and contact Essential Designs today for more information regarding our vast team of experienced Swift Objective C programmers who are here to help. We will work with you to choose the most optimal language that is truly fitting for any project or application you seek to launch.

Our Experience

For the Vancouver School board, Essential Designs developed an iOS app written in Swift. Objective-C was the original iOS language which we can use on any older app if you prefer, but for new applications, Swift is the best selection.

If you are looking for an iOS Apple developer or programmer, then you will be looking to program in Objective-C or Swift. Essential Designs can help you understand the pros and cons of each for the app you envision.

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