The Future Is Here: What Will the Impact of AI Technology Be?

Technology has impacted just about every industry and one of the biggest advances recently has been the development of artificial intelligence. Usually shortened to AI, this technology has gotten more powerful, more versatile, and more flexible every year. There are countless tasks that can be performed using AI technology that used to be performed manually. As a result, the applications of AI technology continue to expand. With this in mind, it is important to take a closer look at the pros and cons of artificial intelligence technology. What are a few of the key points to keep in mind?

The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Technology

There are a few notable benefits of AI technology that everyone should note. These include:

  • No Fatigue: Unlike people, AI technology does not get tired or wear out easily. No matter what industry someone works in, AI technology has an application. Whether this involves automating Excel spreadsheets. exploring the ocean floor, mining minerals, or managing complex manufacturing processes, AI technology does not get tired. It works 24 hours per day, seven days per week.
  • Assistance with Daily Chores: AI technology is already present in numerous devices that people use on a daily basis. For example, people can speak to their smartphones and use GPS systems to navigate the world. Autocorrect features help with emails and text messages. AI technology even tags people automatically when users post on social media.
  • Applications in the Medical Field: Thanks to AI technology, nurses and doctors are able to take better care of patients. Interpreting lab results, scheduling appointments, and reading radiology scans, AI technology is ubiquitous throughout all of healthcare.

These are just a few of the many benefits of AI technology. As AI continues to improve, these applications will only expand further.

What About the Drawbacks of AI Technology?

There are a few drawbacks of AI technology as well. These include:

  • Higher Rates of Unemployment: While it is great that AI technology can automate certain tasks, performing them with greater accuracy, this also takes jobs from the people who used to do them. Therefore, AI could lead to higher rates of unemployment.
  • Not Creative: While AI prioritizes logic above all else, it is not creative. Therefore, it will not be able to come up with new solutions to complex problems. It never deviates from the rules, which stifles its creativity.
  • Does Not Get Better Over Time: Finally, AI technology also does not get better with experience unless its programming is altered or updated.

It is important to weigh these drawbacks against the benefits of AI technology.

The Future of AI: An Impact on People’s Lives

AI technology is already impacting people’s lives. It is present in our smart devices, computers, and cell phones. Therefore, we have to place AI technology in the best position to help us improve our lives. That way, we can take advantage of the benefits without exposing ourselves to the drawbacks of AI.

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